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What is Obesity? And How can it be Caused?

What is obesity? According to a 2016 study by the World Health Organization, 1.6 billion adults aged 18 years old and older, were found to be overweight. 650 million of this total number were found to be obese. What, you may ask, is obesity? Obesity is defined as the excessive accumulation of fat in the […]

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What is the ORBERA Balloon, and How Can it Help Me Get Healthy?

As many different weight loss procedures gain popularity, it is important to provide a comprehensive understanding of those procedures. In efforts to bring high quality care to our patients, and provide them with new, cutting edge methods to get healthy, the ORBERA Balloon is a great procedure. What is ORBERA Balloon? To begin, what is […]

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Does Keto Diet Work After Weight Loss Surgery?

The keto diet involves avoiding carbs and consuming fat to get your body to enter into a state of ketosis. While in ketosis, the body breaks down both dietary as well as stored fats to use as energy source in place of carbohydrates. The diet is nutrition-rich and mainly includes the following: High-fat meats, fish […]

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What Is Visceral Fat? How To Get Rid Of It?

Visceral fat is the fat that is store inside your abdominal cavity and surrounds your organs. It is a health problem that is linked to an increased risk of chronic diseases. However, fat cells are responsible for not just simply storing excess energy. They also produce hormones and certain inflammatory substances. Visceral fat may lead […]

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What Is Gastric Plication?

As obesity and its health risks become a growing issue, a number of medical experts are finding ways to safely help those who have an extremely high BMI (body mass index). Weight loss surgery has always existed as an option for those who have body weight that is difficult to lose. One of these newly […]

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