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Get a Bariatric Revision Procedure with the Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles

Bariatric surgery is one of the most popular weight loss procedures, best known for its effectiveness and visible fast results.  However, just like any other surgery procedure, there is still the possibility of some complications arising, hence, the desired result may not be achieved right away. In some cases, the procedure has probably lost its […]

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How to Keep the Weight Off After a Weight Loss Procedure in Los Angeles, CA

So you’ve finally gotten rid of the extra weight, so what’s next? Does the weight loss procedure just stop at that? Well…not exactly. In order for the weight loss procedure results to take full effect, continuous maintenance is key. This includes the likes of religiously following a diet and exercise plan, because a weight loss […]

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The Advantages and Procedure of Gastric Bypass : Explained

What is Gastric Bypass? When looking into weight loss solutions and deciding which one is best for you, you may run into a procedure called a “gastric bypass”. Gastric bypass is a type of bariatric surgery, or also known as weight loss surgery. This method refers to is a particular surgical technique that divides the […]

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Quarantine Weight Loss: 5 Tips for Success

You may be struggling with weight loss during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and you are not alone. Terms like the “Quarantine 15” and the “COVID-19” (referring to a weight gain of 15 or 19 pounds during social distancing) express the real struggle many are facing. Consider these five tips so you can apply them today […]

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Gastric Plication Surgery.

As obesity and its health risks become a growing issue, a number of medical experts are finding ways to safely help those who have an extremely high BMI (body mass index). Bariatric surgery has always existed as an option for those who have trouble losing weight. One of these newly developed procedures is called gastric […]

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