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Gastric Plication Surgery.

As obesity and its health risks become a growing issue, a number of medical experts are finding ways to safely help those who have an extremely high BMI (body mass index). Bariatric surgery has always existed as an option for those who have trouble losing weight. One of these newly developed procedures is called gastric plication.

Gastric plication is a form of weight loss surgery that is minimally invasive and can reduce the volume of the stomach by nearly three ounces. Unlike a LAP band, there is no kind of binding involved and unlike the gastric sleeve, no parts of the stomach are removed which means it is not an irreversible alteration.

This is a laparoscopic surgery which means small incisions are made in the abdomen and the procedure is performed using an inserted camera. Then larger folds of the stomach are sown together to reduce the amount of space inside by up to 70%. Therefore, limiting the amount of food it can hold and producing a feeling of fullness sooner.

Gastric Plication Surgery. | Posts | The Weight Loss Surgery Center Of Los Angeles | Dr. David Davtyan

Some of the major advantages of this surgery are it’s price and impermanence. It is significantly cheaper than other bariatric surgeries and can be reversed later. The nature of the procedure makes recovery easier and the post-op diet is not as strict as other medical weight loss options.

Gastric Plication is actually in decline due to the unknown long term affects and inconsistent results. However the medical team at Weight Loss Surgery Center, L.A, are happy to answer any questions you may have!

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