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Bariatric Surgery
Before & After Antonio

Antonio'S Before And After Gastric Sleeve Surgery Photo 1 Year After Surgery And 80 Pounds Of Weight Loss. Antonio Is Looking Happier, Younger, Healthier And More Physically Fit And Is Flexing His Biceps In Order To Show How Proud Of He Is Of His Weight Loss. Keywords: Gastric Sleeve; Gastric Sleeve Surgery; Sleeve Gastrectomy; Weight Loss; Weight Loss Surgery; Bariatric Surgery; Before And After Photos; Obesity Treatment; How To Lose Weight Fast; Dr. David G. Davtyan; La Manga Gastrica; La Banda Gastrica; Lap-Band

The surgery was probably the best decision I have ever made!
After the surgery, I got so much better. I got off my blood pressure medication, my cholesterol is down. Everything is just better. I haven’t had any problems medically since the surgery at all.
I went down from a 50 waist down to a 34 waist in 5 months! Thank god for the gastric sleeve surgery. It was a really great success!
I feel that God has blessed me with this life. I have a beautiful wife, who I work with. We have five yorkie dogs and puppies. And I’m feeling more energized and healthy every day.

Bariatric Surgery Before And After From Gastric Sleeve Surgery In Los Angeles

When I was in my 30s, I worked at a gym and was committed to my fitness, working out almost every day. When I turned 40, I let it all go, started eating whatever I wanted, and rarely exercising. I gained about 100 pounds during that decade and weighed 268. I had been considering weight loss surgery for a couple years and started going through the beginning stages to check if I was a good candidate for the surgery: doctors appointments, met with a psychiatrist, blood work. In the midst of all of these appointments, I got a new job at Tesla and my insurance changed to United Healthcare. I asked them to refer me to a good surgeon in the area who I could meet with, which is how I found Dr. Davtyan. I met with him at the end of September and during the consultation, my insurance called me with a surgery date in 2 weeks! I started to get a bit nervous, but stayed optimistic by imagining myself looking fit at the end of all of this. On October 8th, 2019, I got the gastric sleeve surgery. I was sore for a couple weeks, but after I was fine.

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