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Bariatric Surgery
Patient Testimonial – Kumar

At 43 I weighed about 230lbs, which is a BMI or 35 or so. 24 is the idea BMI for my height and age so obviously I needed to do something. Over the past 10 years I developed sleep apnea and 5 years ago I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I had to be on the C-PAP machine and felt like I had no energy, I was constantly drowsy during the day. For work I’m required to travel, but I haven’t been able to and it was affecting my performance. I wanted to do the Lap Band for some time and I saw Dr. Davtyan in his Rancho Clinic. 6 months after we started planning for the procedure, I finally got it done three weeks ago. So far so good, I’m twenty pounds down already. I took a trip to the east coast for work and it wasn’t bad, I didn’t feel as bad as I used to and I was able to keep up. Next up I’ll be able to exercise, which I couldn’t do before because of the back pain I used to have. It already feels better than it used to. Having the Lap Band with Dr. Davtyan has really helped me get back on track.


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