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Body Contouring After Weight Loss In Los Angeles

Body Contouring After Weight Loss

It’s very common for patients to lose a substantial amount of weight within the first twelve to eighteen month following bariatric surgery. And while this is mostly a welcome occurrence, it also tends to leave you with excess, sagging skin that no longer conforms to your new body shape and size. When this occurs, there is a wide range of treatment options designed to eliminate excess skin after rapid weight loss, giving you the smooth body contour you’ve always wanted. Dr. David Davtyan makes these options available to his patients in his Los Angeles offices.

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Types Of Body Contouring Procedures

The body contouring procedure you undergo will depend on where your excess skin is most pronounced. Below are the most common areas that tend to benefit from body contouring, along with the procedures designed to tighten and rejuvenate them.

Woman's breasts


After rapid weight loss, it’s not uncommon for the breasts to sag, droop, and lose their volume. When this occurs, a breast lift (or mastopexy) can be performed to restore your chest’s perky shape and position. You’ll also have the opportunity to have implants placed during your breast lift, to ensure your chest is in perfect proportion with your new body.

woman's face


When excess volume affects the face, it causes sagging skin around the neck and chin, along with droopiness on the forehead and around the eyes. In these cases, a facelift, forehead lift or eyelid surgery can eliminate the unwanted volume and rejuvenate your face.

Fit woman with flat stomach wearing sports clothes

Stomach And Hips

After rapid weight loss, it’s very common for patients to experience excess skin around the hips and stomach, along with lax abdominal muscles. When this occurs, a specialized procedure called a lower body lift can sculpt and define your abdomen, buttocks and hips.

Mature woman wearing fitness outfit stretching her arms.


Loose, hanging skin under the arms often accompanies major weight loss. In these cases, an arm lift (brachioplasty) can permanently remove the excess volume and achieve the toned arms you deserve.

Slim woman's legs


Wrinkled, sagging and drooping skin around the thighs can cause you to continue feeling self-conscious about your body – even after you’ve lost the weight. When this occurs, an expertly performed lift can eliminate extra volume from your inner and outer thighs, sculpting the smooth body contour you’ve always wanted.

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