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Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Near Long Beach California

Enjoy the freedom of feeling and looking your best with medical weight loss. At The Weight Loss Surgery Center Of Los Angeles, we offer innovative options in minimally invasive bariatric surgery and weight loss procedures. Dr. David Davtyan is a bariatric weight loss surgery specialist near Long Beach, California, with extensive experience and expertise in successful weight loss procedures.

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Dr. David Davtyan is a board certified surgeon who has been helping his patients achieve better health for almost thirty years. He began his surgical career as an oncological surgeon but changed his specialty to bariatrics after he experienced the benefits himself with his own weight loss journey. Dr. Davtyan has helped thousands of patients lose weight with minimally invasive bariatric procedures including the following treatments available at our centers near Long Beach, CA:

Gastric Balloon
Gastric Balloon Procedure
Lap-Band Surgery
Lap-Band Surgery

All our weight loss procedures are supported by lifestyle and nutritional counseling programs. Our weight loss experts are here to help patients make the needed to changes in their diet and exercise routines to achieve lasting results from their procedures. We also offer body contouring procedures to achieve your aesthetic goals after weight loss.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

One of the most effective options in bariatric surgery is gastric sleeve surgery. This procedure reduces the size of the stomach permanently and helps reset the metabolism. Also called laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, this bariatric procedure removes up to 80% of the stomach, the round portion that also produces the majority of the “hunger hormone,” ghrelin. The smaller stomach and reduced ghrelin give patients the tools to eat less and lose weight quickly after their procedure.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery
Gastric Sleeve Surgery
Gastric Sleeve Staple Line
Gastric Sleeve Staple Separation

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric BypassGastric bypass bariatric surgery is a commonly performed weight loss procedure. This intensive surgery is usually indicated for individuals with a high BMI and/or obesity-related health conditions that need to lose weight rapidly. The surgery converts the stomach into a small pouch which restricts how much food can be consumed at one time, usually about 3-4 ounces. There are also changes to the digestive system, removing and rerouting the intestinal pathways. These changes decrease how much is absorbed from any food eaten, decreasing the total calories for accelerated weight loss.

Dr. David Davtyan does not recommend or perform gastric bypass surgery. Our centers offer effective bariatric surgery and weight loss procedure options that are minimally invasive and safer for our patients.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

With sleeve gastrectomy, gastric plication, gastric balloon procedures and Lap-Band surgery, these procedures are minimally invasive without the risk of malabsorption concerns like gastric bypass. The bariatric surgeries can be performed with laparoscopic techniques, only requiring tiny incisions to make the changes to the stomach for accelerated weight loss. The gastric balloon options do not require surgery for a safe and non-invasive tool for weight loss.

Bariatric surgery is covered by many health insurance plans. The Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles accepts many PPO plans, and we can help you navigate the approval process. Our centers near Long Beach, CA, have bariatric experts that will support you every step of the way. If you do not have insurance that covers your procedure, we can help you find other options to make your weight loss dream a reality.

Whether you need to lose less than 50 pounds or you have 100+ pounds you want gone, come see us at The Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles. We have locations throughout the Los Angeles area, including centers near Long Beach, California. To schedule your complimentary bariatric consultation, call our office or contact us online. We look forward to meeting you and partnering with you on your weight loss journey.

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