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What is the probability of gaining weight after gastric balloon procedure?

There are many different ways of losing weight: strict exercise regimes, carefully calculated diet plans, and sometimes very surprising and unconventional methods such as hypnosis. However, it can be very disheartening when weight loss is unsuccessful. Especially, in case of people who are obese that often requires surgery. However, surgery may not always be a […]

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How fast do you lose weight after gastric sleeve procedure?

When attempting to lose weight, there are many methods that one could employ: working out precise diet plans with a nutritionist, following a strict exercise regime at the gym, and sometimes even unexpected methods like hypnosis. Sometimes, however, none of these methods may yield in the desired result. It can be extremely disheartening if this […]

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How to Prepare for Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is the umbrella term for multiple gastrointestinal procedures that are done to aid in weight loss. Although dietary and lifestyle choices are the most common form of reducing weight, sometimes people suffering from diabetes, sleep apnea, hormonal imbalances, and other pre-existing illnesses face issues in reducing weight with just lifestyle and dietery modifications. […]

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How Does Bariatric Surgery Work

Obesity is one of the biggest causes of concern in today’s health industry. Although the discourse of healthy and organic eating is becoming big, obesity is a massive ongoing health risk because of economic disparities, pre-existing health conditions, and poor lifestyle choices. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) frequently researches obesity, and their […]

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What is the difference between Obesity and being Overweight?

Terms like “obesity” and “overweight” sound similar and are almost used in sync with one another. But the crucial difference between both these terms arises with Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is basically, a measure of body fat based on a person’s weight in relation to his or her height and age. It is important […]

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