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How do I know if I am obese? Obesity is a condition where in your body has accumulated excess fat. This accumulation leads to a person becoming prone to other serious health risks that comes with being obese. To be classified as obese, your body mass index or BMI has reached 30 or higher. However, […]

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What you Need to Know About Gastric Plication

What is gastric plication?  The journey to keeping fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is no easy feat. More often than not, it’s an uphill battle to keep the weight off, and no matter what you do you can’t seem to keep the weight steadily away. Enter the different weight loss options that are available […]

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What You Need to Know About Bariatric Surgery

What is bariatric surgery?  Maybe you have tried a number of weight loss trends and find that nothing seems to be working for you. There are other options available for you in order to achieve the weight loss that you have always wanted, one of which is bariatric surgery. What is bariatric surgery? Bariatric surgery, […]

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The Importance of Having an Active and Healthy Lifestyle for Weight Loss

What does it mean to have an active lifestyle?  Do you wake up in the morning and feel as if you have no motivation to move? Are you feeling sluggish all the time? Then you may need to get your muscles pumping by having a more active and healthier lifestyle. Having an active lifestyle simply […]

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How to Keep the Weight Off After a Weight Loss Procedure in Los Angeles, CA

So you’ve finally gotten rid of the extra weight, so what’s next? Does the weight loss procedure just stop at that? Well…not exactly. In order for the weight loss procedure results to take full effect, continuous maintenance is key. This includes the likes of religiously following a diet and exercise plan, because a weight loss […]

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