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What to Do About Loose Skin After Weight Loss Surgery

People who are considering or have been advised to undergo bariatric surgery need to have realistic expectations about the weight loss journey they are about to embark on. Just because you had surgery doesn’t mean you will instantly look and feel better! Aside from the fact that coming out of surgery, you will need time […]

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Fiber-Rich Foods You Should Eat After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is not the be-all and end-all of weight loss. A good way to look at it is that weight loss surgery is the first step towards hopefully significant and sustainable weight loss. But to sustain the reduction in weight as a result of any surgical procedure, your lifestyle, eating habits, and food choices […]

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How Your Genes Affect Your Weight Loss

Partaking in our favorite dishes and comfort food is one of the most pleasurable things in the world. The flip side to this, however, is that dieting is one of the hardest things to do. Just ask any of the two-thirds of Americans who are considered overweight and the one-third who are obese. Many will […]

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Lap-Band Re-adjustments: Do I Need One?

Lap band, also known as gastric banding, is one of the many available weight loss procedures out there. The procedure entails putting a silicone band around the stomach’s upper portion, creating a smaller stomach. This smaller stomach makes a person feel fuller even with a smaller food intake. Compared with other bariatric surgery procedures, the […]

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Medications to Avoid After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

So, you are seriously considering losing weight through surgery. You and your doctor have thoroughly discussed weight loss surgery options and your doctor has recommended that gastric sleeve surgery is the option that will work best for you.   Because it is a medical intervention, you need to prepare physically, mentally, and emotionally before and […]

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