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Is Weight Loss Surgery Right for You?

Anyone who has struggled with losing weight may have wondered whether bariatric or weight loss surgery might be right for them. When you try over and over to lose weight and fail, it can be frustrating and defeating. Bariatric surgery can seem extreme, but for many people, it is what they need to achieve their […]

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Life with a Gastric Balloon

People with lower body mass indexes may consider gastric balloons as an alternative to bariatric surgery. Most patients lose 20 to 50 pounds in six months. Gastric balloons can be inserted in minutes and are highly effective if the user adopts a healthy lifestyle. However, the benefits cannot be sustained without a permanent shift in […]

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Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Timeline: How Fast Can I Lose Weight?

Losing weight can be hard. Agree? However, you’ve heard that bariatric surgery such as gastric sleeve results in rapid weight loss. How much weight are we talking about here?  We’ll get to that. In this article, we’ll have a real discussion about how you can achieve rapid and sustainable weight loss after gastric sleeve surgery. […]

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How to Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss Surgery

If you’re overweight and you underwent weight loss surgery, all your weight loss problems are solved, right? Well, not exactly. Aside from the fact that you need to have a new diet to sustain your weight loss… You’re going to have to deal with loose skin after surgery – a whopping 40 to 60 pounds […]

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Signs & Symptoms of Dehydration After Bariatric Surgery

Did you know that dehydration after bariatric surgery is one of the most common pressing problems you can experience after the surgery?  According to, a staggering 37% of bariatric surgery patients are being brought back to the hospital due to serious dehydration symptoms.  And while the solution to dehydration is easy to say (“drink […]

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