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All About Weight Loss Maintenance

Losing weight is more than just undergoing surgical procedures to shed off those extra unwanted pounds. If you think you have gotten past the biggest hurdles, hold it right there; not exactly. The work does not stop there at all, and we’re already telling you now that it’s only the tip of the iceberg. It […]

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The Best Foods To Eat That Can Aid in Weight Loss

Weight loss is truly a transformational journey where it involves making a consistent and conscious effort that can help you maintain your new healthier figure and weight. The weight loss journey does not necessarily end right after the procedure; it requires maintenance and discipline. Food intake is one of things that you need to be […]

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The Health Problems Associated With Obesity

Obesity As A Complex Health Issue   Obesity is more than just gaining extra unwanted pounds. It is a complex health issue that has been around for years, and it is a medical condition that must be given prompt attention and treatment. Otherwise, it can further develop into serious and life-threatening health complications. We have […]

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Reasons Weight Loss Surgery Fails

The Aftermath of Surgical Procedures: Two Sides of The Coin   When it comes to the aftermath of surgical procedures, there are always two sides of the coin: it’s either a success or a failure. When something goes amiss, there is usually more than that meets the eyes. There may be underlying causes that may […]

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Exercises You Can Do After Gastric Bypass Surgery

If you’re considering weight-loss surgery or have already had it done, it’s critical to adopt physical fitness into your lifestyle.  Exercise will be a factor in ensuring long-term success for your weight loss. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should jump into exercising right away. You’ve just had surgery, after all! Becoming physically active has […]

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