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Your Weight Loss Journey

Weigh Loss Surgery Patient OUR PATIENT’S JOURNEY

Dr. David Davtyan’s patients are his biggest fans. Please take a moment to review the journeys of people just like you, who have had bariatric surgery, lost the weight – and now lead healthy and happy lives.

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Bariatric doctor explianing weight loss program to a patient. OUR PROGRAM

Here at The Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles, our patients each complete a comprehensive weight loss program, which consists of much more than just surgery. This all-inclusive approach ensures that patients get the long-term results they are seeking.

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A bariatric doctor explaining weight loss treatment to an obese woman patient. GETTING STARTED

Combating obesity and losing weight doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a journey – and it starts right here. Dr. David Davtyan is committed to being your partner on this path, and he’ll make sure you have the tools, guidance and support you need to achieve the long-term success you deserve.

Getting Started
Preparing For Weight Loss Surgery PREPARING FOR SURGERY

Preparing for weight loss surgery can feel like an overwhelming experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Dr. David Davtyan is committed to making you as comfortable as possible in the days leading up to your procedure, by making sure you know exactly what to expect every step of the way.

Preparing For Surgery
A doctor explaining post weight loss operation follow up tips and recovery process to an obese female patient. RECOVERY AND FOLLOW-UP

What occurs after your surgery is just as important as the procedure itself. Your recovery and follow-up care are critical to your success, as they play a vital role in ensuring you’re able to lose the precise amount of weight you need to reclaim your health.

Recovery and Follow-Up
A happy slim woman in front of a mirror measuring her waist with a tape and showing her thumb up. YOUR LIFE AFTER SURGERY

Weight loss surgery will transform your life, health and appearance – but only if you commit to making the necessary changes. With healthy nutrition and exercise moving forward, you’ll heal properly, lose weight quickly and reclaim your health. And although it will take some hard work and discipline, you’ll come to love your new and healthy way of living in no time.

Life After Surgery
A satisfied athletic middle-aged woman listening to music while doing sport. FITNESS & DIET

After weight loss surgery, you won’t be able to eat exactly the same way you did before your procedure. Your diet will need to change – but that’s actually a good thing! Not only will these changes improve your overall health, but they will also ensure that you’re able to experience the rapid and dramatic weight loss you need.

Fitness And Diet
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