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Your Life After Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery will transform your life, health, and appearance – but only if you commit to making the necessary changes. With healthy nutrition and exercise moving forward, you’ll heal properly, lose weight quickly and reclaim your health. And although it will take some hard work and discipline, you’ll come to love your new and healthy way of living in no time.

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Your New Dietary Habits

The reality is your dietary habits will need to change after surgery. And although you will have already worked with Dr. David Davtyan and your dietician to improve your diet before your procedure, this can still be quite an adjustment. It’s important to note that the period of time immediately following your surgery is critical, because the habits you form now will stick around and define your lifestyle moving forward. With that said, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Choose A Food Plan

Prior to surgery, Davtyan or your dietician can help you choose a specific diet that will accelerate your weight loss and improve your general health. However, if you need to change your food plan for any reason after surgery, speak to your dietician and ask him or her for guidance.

Get Your Protein

Protein is extremely important moving forward, as it will promote healing after surgery and minimize the loss of lean body mass. Make sure you consume enough.

Stay Hydrated

To prevent dehydration and make sure you meet your fluid requirements, aim to drink six to eight cups of water daily.

Use Vitamins And Minerals As Needed

In many cases, vitamin and mineral supplements can aid in your recovery and ongoing health. Dr. David Davtyan and your dietician will work closely with you to determine which ones you should be taking.

Learn More About Life After Surgery

Expert, Caring And Ongoing Support.

Your journey doesn’t end once your surgery is complete. To be truly successful after your procedure, you’re going to need ongoing support. Adjusting to your new lifestyle is going to take work, and it’s not something you should do alone.

Body Contouring After Weight Loss

If all goes according to plan, your life after surgery will also include losing a substantial amount of weight. In fact, most patients lose the weight very quickly – within the first twelve to eighteen months after their procedure. And while this is terrific news for your weight loss goals, many patients find that this rapid change results in sagging skin that no longer conforms to their bodies. When this occurs, Dr. David Davtyan offers a variety of treatment options designed to eliminate any excess skin and create the smooth, toned and attractive body contour you deserve.

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