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Dr. David Davtyan’s Surgical Weight Loss Journey

Dr. David Davtyan is a well known and admired bariatric surgeon in Beverly Hills. He is not only at the forefront of performing the minimally invasive Lap-band procedure, he has benefited from it personally in his own surgical weight loss journey. He is committed to education about obesity and how the Lap-band can combat it. “Having […]

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Questions Doctors Ask About Gastric Banding, A Safe and Effective Procedure

The rising obesity epidemic in the United States has resulted in a corresponding rise in health risks, and doctors are rising to the challenge of finding solutions. One such solution is gastric banding, a safe and effective bariatric surgery procedure that can help people lose weight and keep it off. However, doctors have a rigorous procedure […]

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Negotiating Relationships : The Journey Ahead After Bariatric Surgery

As you think about having bariatric surgery, whether it’s a gastric sleeve, Lap-Band or even a non-surgical weight loss option such as the gastric balloon procedure, you may begin to wonder how major weight loss will affect your relationships. Major weight loss after bariatric surgery has many incredible benefits that are often talked about, whether improving an obesity-related health condition […]

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The Benefits of Lap Band Surgery for Women

Obesity is quickly taking over our nation, affecting not only our self-esteem but our health as well. According to new data, more than 45% of the female population is now obese. Despite many attempts to remedy the problem, the issue of obesity is constantly on the rise. Unhealthy foods are often the center of social gatherings […]

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Gastric Sleeve in Los Angeles: Before and After

If you’re contemplating having your gastric sleeve in Los Angeles, and wondering what you’ll need before and after your procedure, you’re in the right place! There are so many resources available to you here in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. Preparing for the Gastric Sleeve in Los Angeles Eating Plan: Before the surgery, […]

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