Obesity And The Coronavirus

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It is no secret that America is close to last in line for COVID-19 progression. With many states still wavering on the idea of reopening, we definitely have a lot of work to do. Although social distancing practices and self-isolating are still the main ideas behind staying safe, some of the conversations have since shifted to America’s eating habits and confronting obesity.

Media Should Be Doing A Better Job Regarding Obesity

Although this topic is cause for controversy, it is something to be explored. During a segment on Real Time with Bill Maher, he discussed that the media should be doing a better job of changing the narrative in regard to obesity, especially as this pandemic has pressed on. For many, staying at home and staying safe involves a lot of staying on the couch and eating whatever you want. Maher is calling out this idea and attempting to shift the discourse to not “glamorize gluttony”, and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Obesity And Corona Virus Don’t Mesh

Even though this conversation may cause friction, Maher’s point is followed up with facts. For many officials, pushing a healthier lifestyle should be at the forefront of preventative measures in order to combat weight-related illnesses or complications. Those who are battling obesity are known to already have pre-existing health issues, and in the wake of COVID-19, it is recommended to be extra cautious. According to Houston Methodist, “obesity in and of itself is a risk factor for being hospitalized or placed in the ICU as a result of COVID-19”. As many know, being placed in the ICU is for more critical conditions, and it is much harder to recover from severe cases, much like the ones linked to obesity.

Increase Of Complications And Future Issues

Houston Methodists also state that “Having a BMI of 30 or higher increases a person’s risk of developing a severe case of COVID-19 b 27%, and a BMI of 40 or higher doubles a person’s risk”. COVID-19 and obesity are both separate health aspects that need serious attention, but when an individual has both, there is an increase in potential complications and future issues. There is even a risk for prolonged recovery, as well as permanent damage from the effects of COVID-19.

For those battling obesity, there are options to protect your health and overcome this uncertain time. As this pandemic proceeds, there are various measures you can take to protect yourself like:

  • Staying extra cautious: Practice social distancing, wear protective face coverings, wash hands diligently, and take care of your overall personal hygiene.
  • Manage other health conditions: If you are obese and also living with preexisting health problems, like diabetes or high blood pressure, be sure to manage these conditions with proper medication.
  • Research weight loss options: Talk to your doctor about potential weight loss surgery options or other weight loss options in order to get your health on track.

Prioritize Your Health And Protect Yourself!

Albeit, discussing weight loss isn’t always a fun topic, but it may be necessary. Especially in the wake of this pandemic, it is important – now more than ever – for everyone to prioritize their health and ensure that their bodies are as protected as they can be. If you are interested in weight loss options like holistic measures, Bariatric surgery, or other innovative weight loss surgeries, give us a call at The Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles. Dr. David Davtyan is a highly accredited weight loss surgeon who has the expertise, knowledge, and experience to perform the best, and safest, weight loss surgeries. To learn more about the various options you may have, contact us here.

Posted on behalf of Dr. David G. Davtyan MD, FACS, FICS

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