Reasons Weight Loss Surgery Fails

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The Aftermath Of Surgical Procedures: Two Sides Of The Coin

When it comes to the aftermath of surgical procedures, there are always two sides of the coin: it’s either a success or a failure. When something goes amiss, there is usually more than that meets the eyes. There may be underlying causes that may have contributed to why the results may not have reached its best. Sometimes, it could be due to uncontrollable circumstances, such as if you have a case of morbid obesity, and those extra pounds just keep on coming back. Sometimes, it may have something to do with lifestyle habits and maintenance. To understand better, let’s take a closer look at some of the likely reasons why weight loss surgery fails.

Reason # 1: Relationship With Poor Diet And Unhealthy Eating Habits

Let’s face it; food is irresistible! After all, one of the most comforting feelings is tasting your favorite mouthwatering dishes, right? Once those extra pounds have been shed off, it may be exciting to indulge on your favorites, especially after months of dieting and deprivation.

However, when it comes to weight loss surgeries, the healthy diet continues even right after the procedure! There is usually a follow-through on your diet plan, and because the surgery is designed to make your digestive tract smaller, you can only intake a certain amount of food that will fit the revised size of the pouch.

So when you resolve to poor diet and unhealthy eating habits, your weight will skyrocket, hence, defeating the purpose of your weight loss surgery.

Reason # 2: Lack Of Exercise

Apart from keeping a healthy diet, exercise is also needed as part of the maintenance efforts of your weight loss. The lack of physical activity may contribute to weight gain, especially when your food intake is large. Exercising, as we all know, is an effective practice to burn off those extra calories, as well as keep our entire physique healthy.

Ideally, exercise should be done regularly, at least 7 days a week, even for 10 minutes. Without it, your body will become stagnant and

Reason # 3: Bariatric Surgery Procedure Flaw

No matter how advanced the medicine field is with knowledge and technology, it’s also important to keep in mind that bariatric surgery procedures are not perfect at all times. It varies per situation but there are some who instantly get their desired results, while there are some who do not exactly get what they hoped for. It’s no one’s fault, not yours nor your doctors, but a mere technical error found in the procedure itself. When this happens, it’s important to discuss it instantly with your doctor in order to come up with a revised plan to rectify the situation. Usually, it involves displacement of bands or a case wherein the pouch may have been excessively stretched. A flawed procedure will increase your food intake, hence, the craving and desire for food will increase. As soon as you sense that something seems to be amiss, do not hesitate to contact your doctor at the soonest time possible.

Maintain Your Weight Loss And Stay In Shape With Weight Loss Surgery Los Angeles

Here at Weight Loss Surgery Los Angeles, we understand the challenges that post-weight loss surgery entails. As much as we would like to call our procedures perfect, we are aware of the imperfections it may carry, which may interfere in achieving your desired weight loss result. What we can assure though is the procedures’ safety and that our team is consistently driven in achieving excellence.

In any event that a previous procedure has failed in delivering you your desired results, our clinic has the perfect offer for you! Our Bariatric Revision is here to ensure that you get right back on track on your weight loss journey, where the procedure is minimally invasive as much as possible. Currently, the procedure is available in our Los Angeles and Beverly Hills locations.

You may call us to book a consultation and as always, we are happy to assist you in any way that we can!

Posted on behalf of Dr. David G. Davtyan MD, FACS, FICS

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