Weight Loss Surgeries Are Not Elective (California Bariatrics)

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Contrary to popular opinion, metabolic and bariatric surgeries are not elective. Many believe that you can simply choose to undergo metabolic and bariatric surgeries in order to lose weight, however that is simply not the truth. Although you can express concern to your doctor about your weight and a desire to get surgery to fix these issues, they will have to be recommended or referred.

Metabolic And Bariatric Surgery Are Medically Necessary

Both metabolic and bariatric surgery are medically necessary for those who are battling life-threatening, as well as debilitating, obesity. Obesity can limit life in various ways, as put you at risk for more health complications, limit mobility, and cause stress on vital organs. Surgery can often be the best treatment and course of action for those who are suffering with these issues as a result of obesity.

Why Is Bariatric Surgery Essential?

Obesity has also been proven to become a risk factor for worse COVID-19 symptoms and outcomes. As this pandemic presses on and medical officials have gathered more information, it has shown that those with obesity are more likely to be in intensive care units with more critical conditions. As obesity can cause more stress on your internal organs, it can be more difficult to breathe and receive the benefits of ventilators.

Obesity, Diabetes, Overall Health & Wellness

Health officials have also seen that the mortality rates are higher in those who have obesity, even if they are young patients. Formerly, youth seemed to be a factor that made you less susceptible to getting COVID-19, but experience with this virus has only proven that much of what we thought was a fact, isn’t anymore. Obesity also creates more complications in relation to comorbidities, such as heart disease or diabetes. These effects can have negative impacts on your health, as well as lifespan and quality of life. Many bariatric surgeons and health officials have stated that the sooner patients get bariatric surgery, especially those with early diabetes, the more its likely that their diabetes will go into remission, and their overall health and wellbeing can be improved.

Bariatric Surgeon In Glendale, CA

Although it may seem like bariatric surgery and metabolic surgeries are a luxury, or the “easy way out”, they very much aren’t. They save lives and improve the quality of life of many patients. These types of surgeries aren’t elective and should be taken seriously.

Posted on behalf of Dr. David G. Davtyan MD, FACS, FICS

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