Bariatric Surgery
Patient Testimonial
– A.C.

Dr. Davtyan is the greatest, especially because he understood where I was coming from, and the challenges I was facing. Since he underwent the same procedure, he told me what I could expect and gave me tools for success. At the highest point, I got down 25-30lbs. The lifestyle adjustment is a big commitment and takes time to get used to. Having a regimented life makes it easier. It’s good to know going in that the Lap Band is just a tool. It doesn’t do all the work for you. Dr. Davtyan’s staff was great. They always stayed after me to come in and get adjusted. I really couldn’t recommend Dr. Davtyan more highly. His staff have been so great to me, it’s almost like a second family. I’ve learned so much about myself and have the tools now to go forward. When you have a weight challenge, there are no days off.

The staff was great. They stayed after me to come in and get adjusted, they gave me tools for success and it was on me. I know em all.

At the highest, I got down 25 – 30 lbs plateaued there. The lifestyle was a big commitment, being uncomfortable a lot, it takes time. Regimented life makes it easier. It’s a tool, it doesn’t do it all for you. Walking regular, exercising.

The removal took a little longer than he expected, there weren’t any complication, I feel good. When I decided to get it removed, they said “failure”. Deciding, it’s not about shortcuts it’s about doing the work. You don’t have to smoke crack, drink alcohol, but you have to eat.

They’re great, couldn’t recommend it more highly, the particular procedure I had, I would make them aware it’s something to help you get to where you need to be, it will not do the work for you, if you are determined to not change your ways, you won’t.

They’ve been so great to me here, like a second family. I’ve learned so much about myself, have the tools to go forward. They are no days off, people who don’t have a weight challenge, probably don’t know that, but for people who do (developed as I got older) if you have self control, start with your appetite, more in control of stuff. Good place emotionally do what I need to do for successful.

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