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Dr Davtyan's Female Patient After Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

Now that I lost 42 lb in just 6 months with the gastric sleeve, I’m more excited about being active in any conversation because I feel incredible.

I don’t have Asthma anymore, so my days of using inhalers are officially gone!

Before I ever had the Lap Band, I regularly felt very tired. I was not happy with the way that I looked and felt. When I would put on my clothes, my rolls would easily show which made me feel very uncomfortable about my self-image. Since I was not an active person, my knees and legs would hurt all the time. I wasn’t really a social person either, but I at least had enough confidence to be around my coworkers. Despite my husband loving me so much, I still wouldn’t feel very motivated in my relationship. As a little girl, I practically lived in the hospital because I had very bad asthma. Even as I grew up, the asthma never went away. I would go through two inhalers, and I also had to ask my family for extra inhalers. I couldn’t run without an inhaler because I worried about getting too exhausted and having really short breaths. Each inhaler I purchased with its discs was not a cheap expense for me; it would cost me $100 per inhaler. In moments where my inhaler ran out, my insurance would cover it on a monthly basis, but if I needed more than one inhaler per month then I would need to pay $60 cash from my own pocket. There was one moment that I would never forget; when my husband and I went to San Francisco for an exciting vacation. At first I had no breathing problems, but after three to four hours my asthma affected me so bad that my husband immediately had to drive me to the hospital. My life was a mess and I wanted a change.

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