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– Abe M.

Abe M.

Before October 2018, I used to weigh 307 lb. and I was struggling a lot with physical activity. With Dr. David Davtyan’s expertise and care, I’m happy to say I now weigh 235 lb., and I feel absolutely great now that I’ve lost a total of 72 lb with the Lap Band Procedure!!!

Dr. David Davtyan and his team have taken excellent care of me, and now I’m enjoying life to the fullest. My life has changed for the better in such a good way that I even have a family member looking into the lap band procedure because he is fascinated with my weight loss results.

Since I was young, I would always be made fun of because of my weight, but I was used to it. I would eat a lot of food excessively because my mother took care of me very well. Physically I felt good, but the rude comments are what affected me most. My life with my friends was good and they were the same size as me. I was able to do everything, but I would sometimes struggle with running and felt like I was dying. In 2018, I decided to make a change because I found out that my coworkers would make fun of me. So, I finally decided to look into weight loss procedures and found out about Dr. David Davtyan.

Abe M.
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