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– Brighton T.

Brighton T. before and 1.5 months after lap band weight loss surgery
I am very motivated to prioritize my health, by learning new recipes and ways to cook vegetables and exercising daily, which I have never done before. This has also inspired my family to evaluate their habits and following suit, by eating healthy with me and going on walks with our dogs. I’m so happy that I got the surgery with Dr. Davtyan and can’t wait to see how much weight I lose this year! This experience has given me more confidence. I have a new appreciation for what I put in my body and I am committed to learning new ways I can stay more active. I feel happy with who I’m becoming and want everything in my life to reflect that.

February 2, 2020

I have now lost 85 pounds in 4 months and one week! The biggest change that I noticed is that I am taking so many more photos of myself. Before I used to frame them very strategically so that you couldn’t see my body and now I’m so proud and happy to take them. Overall, everything is so much easier. There is less stress on my joints, which makes exercising so much better. I have a treadmill in my room which I use for cardio everyday. I used to have issues with my hips, which were constantly hurting, and my thighs were rubbing together so much when I ran that my legs would look raw and I’d have cuts on my legs from them rubbing together so much. That’s all over with now! I used to have to wear long bicycle shorts everywhere I went to mitigate that problem and now I am able to do my cardio workout in my room in tiny little shorts and my legs are never rubbing and it doesn’t hurt at all. Fitness is so much easier and I am able to work out longer. After an hour long workout, I feel great and I still have energy to do other things and stay active, which I could never do before. I’m actually having fun working out! I love feeling stronger and my posture is so much better now.

“After trying so many times before to get healthy, the Lap-Band Program was the thing that got me there! I have never felt better.”

Brighton’s “Take Control” Moment

Brighton tried and failed many times to lose weight. Through grade school and high school, she struggled. “My heaviest weight recorded was in late 2018/early 2019, when I weighed around 300 pounds. I finally reached a breaking point during the summer of 2020,” she said. The country was five months into the pandemic, and Brighton had ushered in her 21st birthday. “I spent those months sitting around watching TV, eating unhealthy takeout, and drinking sugary alcoholic beverages. I had no energy and no stamina; I was dealing with severe acid reflux, and I was constantly in physical discomfort. I lost it after another late-night fast food run when I realized that I needed to get it together. I seriously needed help.”

A “No-Brainer” Solution

Brighton was young. The prospect of undergoing bariatric surgery worried her family. But after meeting with her surgeon Dr. Davtyan and discussing the risks and benefits of each type of bariatric surgery available, Brighton was “clear that the Lap-Band Program was the safest and most comfortable choice for me.” She said that “the fact that it is so non-invasive compared to other types of bariatric surgery was very comforting to us. Once we understood how the system worked, it felt like a no-brainer.”

On The Right Path

At just six months post-op, Brighton has lost 100 lbs. “I’m not quite done with my journey, but I am so amazed that I’ve even made it here! Before surgery, I was wearing a size 3XL-4XL. But just this last week I went shopping and bought only a size Medium!” she said. Brighton continues to see her surgeon for check-ups. “My doctor and nurses are all so supportive and encouraging; they made the process so much easier for me. I always felt that I had someone to call if I needed advice or guidance. I am so thankful that I went for all of my checkups. It helped me stay on track and know that I was doing everything right.”

Staying In The Right Direction

With the help of the Lap-Band Program, Brighton has found a path toward lasting weight loss and health. “Even in such a short time, the Lap-Band Program has completely turned my life around. I am a musician and performer, but I had lost so much of my confidence. In addition to now eating so much healthier, I exercise all the time. I have much more energy and stamina, and I can finally wear whatever I want and express myself freely.” For Brighton, the hard work has been worth it. “I would let someone know that this procedure isn’t just a fix-all. You need to be dedicated and ready to work hard to change your life. But I would also tell them that it is so worth it. If you are ready to turn everything around but are afraid you won’t be able to follow through, this procedure will really help you get where you need to be. After trying so many times before to get healthy, the Lap-Band Program was the thing that got me there! I have never felt better.”

Brighton T.
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