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– Candice M.

I am a strong proponent of Lap-Band surgery, and I think it should be available just for the asking like any other cosmetic surgery. I wish I had done it years earlier when I was still thin, as a preventative measure, instead of later as a curative measure. I suffered for ten years overweight. No diet really worked and I don’t like to exercise. I was not heavy enough for most doctors to even consult with me on the Lap-Band. Because Dr. Davtyan wears one himself he was sympathetic to my needs. Dr. Davtyan and his entire staff are knowledgeable, caring, and very professional. My complete confidence in their abilities was totally justified. Since having the surgery in 2007 and losing the weight a host of medical issues have disappeared: namely, knee pain and severe plantar fasciitis. I am certain I am less prone to diabetes. There is no question the improved health is due to losing 63 pounds. And because I look so much better, I am more self confident in all phases of my life – personal and career. Honey, I’ve got my mojo back! My goodness, you do it for your house. Why hesitate to do it for your body? Thank you, Dr. Davtyan!

Candice M.
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