Bariatric Surgery
Patient Testimonial
– Christina

Because of my weight problems I was going through depression and needed to do something to change my living situation. I just didn’t really know what was out there, what different types of procedures existed like the gastric balloon or lap band. When I was referred to Dr. Davtyan by my aunt’s friend who had done the lap band surgery, I came in for a consult which convinced me that if I got the lap band I would lose the weight.

I got the procedure in December and woke up with a little pain, but I think it was really smooth. The recovery wasn’t great, but after a couple weeks you get the hang of going back to your normal life. I started losing weight the first week and in the first month I lost 15-20lbs without even exercising. I’ve already lost 50 lbs since December, which is half of what I want to lose.

I can tell how much weight I’ve lost from my loose clothes and my changing body structure. I don’t have that much hanging fat any more. Also when my family or friends say “oh you look great, what have you done?” or little compliments like that here and there, it really reminds me how much I’ve lost. It’s made me feel more confident, more like myself. Ever since I got the lap band, my parents have been telling me I’m getting back to my normal self. When I was struggling with my weight I just wasn’t myself. Once I started seeing the difference, I realized that if I just keep pushing myself I can keep losing weight and gain myself back.

Dr. Davtyan is really good, I like him. I like that he has the band, so we can connect on a personal level. If I don’t feel good I know I can get in contact with him and have an answer in an hour or two. I feel much more comfortable coming here because he can relate to my situation. The staff are also really friendly, I like them too. If you are considering losing weight, I would say at least come in just to see what procedures are available and right for you. Don’t base your research off just the internet, I got really false facts until I came in and asked the doctor questions. If you come in and feel comfortable and want to change your life for the better, do it with Dr. Davtyan.

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