Bariatric Surgery
Patient Testimonial
– Diana

After my husband became terminally ill, I knew I had to make a change and get healthy so I could sustain myself and take care of him. I had type 2 diabetes and wanted to get rid of it before it escalated. I knew once I lost weight I would cut it back. I had been contemplating getting the Lap Band for a year before I found Dr. Davtyan. I went to two different clinics and sat through a few seminars in my area and just didn’t feel comfortable. I knew none of them were right for me. It wasn’t until I went online and did the research that I found Dr. Davtyan. I needed the right doctor and I got him.

Everything about him… his credentials, what he’d accomplished, plus the fact that I knew he had it done himself, I liked it all. And he’s a cancer doctor which is pretty cool. His staff is wonderful as well. I love them.

In the beginning, before he did the surgery, Dr. Davtyan made sure I was in perfect health and prepared for the operation. He sent me to doctors, ran tests, did exams, and checked everything. He was very thorough, which is huge to me. The procedure was fine, there were no complications or anything. Before surgery I weighed 240 lbs, now, 10 months later, I’ve lost 44 lbs which is about half of my extra weight. I’ve been able to cut my diabetes medication in half, I’m not taking a lot of the pills I was taking either. I have more energy to move around freely. I’m more agile, doing more things. I’m even fitting back into clothes that I couldn’t cut loose with.

The moment I knew I lost a lot of weight was when I came in for a follow up and they weighed me. I’ve worked very hard to stay diligent and stick to the program, to exercise and eat well. I’m a model patient because I’ve always had this problem where everything I do I had to do it perfect, and this is just another example. I won’t stray and will keep moving forward and the doctor has really helped me accomplish what I wanted to.

The doctor is kind and listens to you and he’s an educated man. He knows his stuff. The staff is very helpful and make you feel good. You never halve a problem when you call and they will always take the time for you. They don’t make you feel stupid for answering questions they’ve already answered. I drive up from Orange County and he’s worth the drive.

I highly recommend Dr. Davtyan all the time. I even recommended him once to a stranger on a plane to Hawaii. I needed to find the right doctor and I did. I couldn’t be happier.

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