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– Dzovag

Dzovag 3 years after lap band surgery

Once I met Dr. Davtyan, my whole life came together and I’m exactly where I need to be. I owe it all to him!

Everything I wear fits me now and fits me perfect. I used to only shop at the big person stores, but now I can shop anywhere. I feel like a supermodel.

I had three kids and during and after the pregnancies, I gained weight. It wasn’t until 2017 where my health took a really bad turn. My stress levels were high, I wasn’t doing well mentally or physically. During this time, I gained a lot of weight. At my lowest point, I couldn’t walk, I wasn’t able to stand to do dishes, I couldn’t do laundry without needing to take breaks to lay down after ten minutes. I was always depressed. I never wanted to go out. My mental health was failing.

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