Bariatric Surgery
Patient Testimonial
– Gerald

I wanted to lose 50-60lbs and my primary doctor recommended Dr. Davtyan, so I decided to come and change my life. I wanted to live longer, and my ability to lose weight on my own was very slow. The procedure was amazing. The doctor took care of me from start to finish. Everything he and his staff said would happen, happened. The staff and the doctor are amazing, I already recommended them twice. I’m already 30 lbs down. I just had my first adjustment and it went smoothly. It’s been around two months since the surgery. I stayed off my feet for 3 and a half days, it was just some discomfort and soreness, but I feel good now. I’ve had a good portion of my suits cut down, had to give away clothes in my closet, I feel great. My energy is up. I think you can trust the doctor. If you follow what it is that he asks you to do you will see the results that you want, just trust what he says.

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