Bariatric Surgery
Patient Testimonial
– Gharibi

I’m down 72 lbs in 5 months with Orbera. Initially I was skeptical with myself if I could pull through or not, but each day that went by, and seeing the results, really motivated me to do better. I continued with the new diet, which is mainly based on proteins and vegetables, and stayed away from carbs. I don’t miss eating unhealthy, I take my kids out for fast food and it doesn’t bother me. Every morning on the scale makes my day. The improvements that I’m seeing, the weight loss, motivates me to go through with the day. I just went out for my first clothes shopping trip two weeks again and it was so exciting. I’m a different person — lighter, talking walks with my kids because I can handle it, having a different perspective on life. My self-image and self-worth were negating and I was depressed when I was heavier. My food choices were very poor, I would not put a lot of thought into it, I would eat whatever was the fastest, now I’m setting an example for my kids. Doing physical activities with my kids was difficult before, even climbing stairs was an issue for me, I literally had to grab the railings on both sides, but not anymore. I would hide away in pictures, towards the back so no one would know how large I was. I don’t have to do that anymore. The most exciting thing is the type of clothes I can fit in right now. Used to be baggy, but now I can fit in mostly anything I want. Dr. Davtyan was very frank with me, said most of the work will land on me, I need to be the one watching myself, he offered 24/7 help, extended his office staff as well to help me and from that point on we have built a very positive relationship built on collaboration. Every time I come in I feel welcome, am asked detailed questions, and based on my answer they give me advice. It’s been an incredible experience so far and I’m truly grateful to Dr. Davtyan and his staff.

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