Bariatric Surgery
Patient Testimonial
– Guy and Julie

Before I came to see Dr. Davtyan I was really concerned about my health. As a menopausal woman, it’s harder to get weight off and I was tipping the scale more than I ever had before. It seemed just trying to exercise or eat right wasn’t going to be enough. My husband, who was also struggling with his weight, and I needed an intervention so we started to explore having the lap band. He was also concerned about his health as a diabetic, but he wouldn’t do it unless I did, so we both decided to make a commitment together. We “banded” together so to speak. It’s good that we are able to help each other and keep each other on track. It’s something that has made our relationship ever closer because it’s our lifestyle as a couple. When we were researching the lap band, I talked to my personal doctor, who happens to be a patient of Dr. Davtyan and immediately recommended him. During the consultation with him, he ran tests and was very thorough, which I appreciated. Dr. Davtyan is stellar — he’s had the band so he knows what it’s like to go through this. The whole team is very supportive and it’s like seeing family They are our cheerleaders, our success is their success, but they really truly want you to be successful. When we told them that my husband has cut down his insulin by half, they were ecstatic. You can feel that it’s real. I have a lot of confidence in the skill of the entire staff. So far I’m 46 lbs down and my husband is down 65lbs — and that’s since October. My husband wears suspenders with all of his clothes now because they are all too baggy now. I feel much more mobile, I have a lot more energy and it’s easier to keep up with the grandbaby. My daughter is getting married in July and that’s something we’re looking forward to now. I told the doctor I want to lose so much more weight by July that I look like sister of the bride not her mother! We would definitely recommend Dr. Davtyan to others.

Guy and Julie
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