Bariatric Surgery
Patient Testimonial
– Karen

Before I decided to do get the Lap Band, I had problems with high blood pressure because of my weight. I also really just didn’t like the way I looked. I was 242 lbs and I hated that I was stuck buying fat lady clothes. I work in healthcare as a nurse, so I knew that my health problems would only get worse as I got older. I had looked into getting the Lap Band surgery with Dr. Davtyan about 10 years ago, but since my insurance wouldn’t cover it I held off. I finally saved up enough and came back as a cash patient and I’m so glad I did. The whole surgery from pre op to post op was super easy. Really, that’s how I describe it to people. I’m really busy with my job so the fact that it really didn’t take a lot of time worked out really well for me. I got the surgery in March and am down 45 lbs, which is already half of my excess body weight. My high blood pressure has completely reversed, which is amazing. I’d like to lose another 50 lbs but that may be a pipe dream. I’d be happy with another 40 lbs, which the doctor thinks is achievable.

Again, being in healthcare, I know how important the follow up care after surgery is. Dr. Davtyan and his staff called me constantly and always stayed in touch. They made setting up appointments very easy. Even the band itself is easy as long as you stick to the diet. The whole process so far has gone smoothly and Dr. Davtyan and his staff are so supportive. Dr. Davtyan is a very knowledgeable, well-respected surgeon so I had no problem trusting him with my operation. A few days after surgery I had a problem with dehydration and was admitted to the ER, but Dr. Davtyan got on the phone with the ER staff to make sure I was ok and direct my care. He really goes above and beyond for his patients.

I feel like once you get past the actual surgery, the Lap Band is smooth sailing. There was this moment recently when I walked by a window and saw my reflection and didn’t recognize myself. It was a surreal moment and made me feel really good. I know this might be a little vain, but I love the fact that I don’t have to shop in plus sizes any more. No more fat lady clothes for me!

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