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Patient Testimonial
– Kashi T.

*Results may vary – Kashi lost a total of 125 pounds and kept it off for 13 years!

My name is Kashi, and I got the surgery about seven months ago as of this date right now I have lost 75 pounds and before going to see dr. Davtyan I lost about 13 pounds just to be able to go see him so that my weight would be a little lower so the scales could show my weight so all together, realistically, I've lost probably about 74-78 pounds so far. I don't have diabetes anymore. I had type 2 diabetes in August and ever since I did a lap band, that went away! Once you see that your pound just keeps dropping every week, you know oh man this is working! So what happens is it drives your mind to do harder things like workout and to get on the bike or to do treadmill and lose more weight from the calories that you're consuming and burning. Honest to god I would do it over and over again for anybody that's thinking twice about this, just do it!

Kashi T.
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