Bariatric Surgery
Patient Testimonial
– Lorena

I have a slow thyroid problem which makes it really hard to lose weight. I tried so many different things like pills and injections, but still my weight would go up and down by as much as 10-15lbs and it was taking a toll on me physically. I’m a deputy and I need to feel good physically for my job. Nothing was working to keep the weight off and then I saw information about the balloon and decided to go ahead and give it a shot.

I wanted to lose 25lbs and I ended up losing 30 lbs! I’m very happy with the results. I feel good, I’m walking more, I feel much lighter and even feel better about myself. There is less weight for my knees to support, which makes them not hurt like they did before. Something as simple as going up the stairs feels so much better – I don’t feel like I’m straining myself. Even just sitting down and breathing is easier for me.

During the six months while the balloon was in I stopped eating all bread and trained myself to eat smaller portions. The balloon really helped me eat less since it made me feel less hungry. I had trouble in the beginning reminding myself to drink enough water because I wasn’t very thirsty, but I got used to it pretty easily. Now at I just don’t buy bread or tortillas or things like that, which makes it easier to keep on track. If I don’t have it in the house, I don’t miss it.

At first with the procedure I didn’t think I was losing much weight, but I pushed myself to do more walking and exercise and all of a sudden it felt like a lot of weight dropped off all at once, so it’s definitely something you have to see through to the end to get the results you want.

Dr. Davtyan is really great because he got me the help I actually needed. I was paying $1000 for those injections that didn’t even work, but with the balloon it was actually something that worked and was perfect for me. Dr. Davtyan gave me the tools I needed to be successful, even a little thing that counts your steps so you can make sure you are being active enough. His staff is really, really great too. I was having trouble with the balloon right after I had it placed and so I came in and they repositioned it and all of a sudden the problems were gone and I was fine. I talked to someone who had the same issues, but they got it removed because their doctor never even tried to reposition it or fix the problem. That’s the difference between Dr. Davtyan and other doctors – he’s very honest and really looks out for his patients. He gives me his real opinion and isn’t the type to give you things you don’t need. It’s hard these days to find someone as honest and ethical as him. I got great results because of Dr. Davtyan and highly recommend him.

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