Bariatric Surgery
Patient Testimonial
– Lynell

I’m 61 years old and have been struggling with my weight for over 30 years. Especially in the past 10, I really began to put on more and more weight. I tried everything from Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, going to a nutritionist, B12 shots, hCG hormone – I really mean everything. Sure, I’d lose a few pounds here and there but I just bounced back and forth, it was never permanent.

I heavily researched the other options available to me and briefly considered the bypass, but I didn’t want to take on that type of risk. I eventually settled on the Lap Band and looked for the best doctor in the area. Dr. Davtyan was very prevalent and kept coming up in my searches. The number of surgeries he did and his credentials impressed me. I came in for a visit with him and he and his staff have just been awesome. I love, love, love working with them. They’ve been patient with me and I finally feel I’m on a great path. I’m a year and a half from surgery and I’ve lost half of the weight I was hoping to lose.

As part of the prep for getting the Lap Band, I found out I had breast cancer. After I told them about the diagnosis, Dr. Davtyan’s staff kept calling me. They told me how Dr. Davtyan is also a cancer specialist, so they all kept in touch and it was very sweet. I got treated and got better, so when I had a clear diagnosis I finally came back to get the procedure done. Since I had been through other surgeries, this one, in comparison, was a breeze.

Now, 30 lbs down, I’m delighted. I look at pictures from before I came here and I see the difference and I’m excited to lose more. When he inflates my band, it makes a big difference. I have to be much more careful about eating, which really helps.

I remember for my son’s wedding I was trying to get into this dress and I got into it and I got so many compliments, that was when I reached my first real milestone. I would definitely recommend people to Dr. Davtyan and have before. The Lap Band is low risk in comparison to other weight loss surgeries and most importantly it’s reversible. I really haven’t had any trouble with it.

I love Dr. Davtyan’s staff. Arsine of course is my favorite, she’s the one who called me every now and then to check on me after the cancer diagnosis. But Nune, Rima — I work with them all and they are all lovely people. It takes me two hours to get here, I live out near Temecula, but it really didn’t matter. It’s a haul and it’s a tough commute, but I really, really like Dr. Davtyan and his staff, they have been really kind and good to me. It’s more than worth the drive.

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