Bariatric Surgery
Patient Testimonial
– Marco

I was tired of being overweight and depressed. I used food like other people used drugs and alcohol and had gotten to a point where I almost stopped caring, but then I had an ex-girlfriend of mine who kept bugging me to do something. I was a healthy guy all my life, insurance companies loved me because I rarely got sick, but then I went through a divorce and one thing led to another and all of a sudden, I weighed 338lbs, which is the heaviest I had ever been. I went to another bariatric surgeon and it was too impersonal, I didn’t like them. I was still not convinced about weight loss procedures, so I kept putting it off. On TV one night I saw Dr. Davtyan’s commercial about the Orbera gastric balloon and I made an appointment at the Beverly Hills office. I was super impressed with the office and with the way I was treated. A year went by because I was dealing with some personal stuff and right when I was thinking about giving Dr. Davtyan a call, Arisine from his office called me instead and asked me how I was. Finally, I got the date in August. I was worried about the mental aspect because I love to eat, but figured I could deal with it. Dr. Davtyan is great because he treats you with respect. I ended up getting the Lap Band and the procedure was great. There were no problems, everything was done so professionally so I wasn’t worried. The first few days were the worst, but after that I haven’t felt hungry at all. Food commercials don’t even bother me anymore. I feel good. As soon as the third or fourth day when I got up and started moving around, I felt light on my feet. I lost 27 lbs in 7 days. The pre-diet before the procedure really helped mentally and I lost 5 lbs just with that. So now I’m good to go exercise, which I’ve been antsy to go do. It seems like food really bogs your mind, but with the procedure, it’s a game changer. When I ate normal, even the right food, I got that sleepy feeling, but now, overall, I feel good. I don’t even crave burgers or steak, instead I want something healthy like a salad. Now I’m really looking forward to working out. I just want to be smaller and to buy some decent clothes. The doctor and his staff are the best. Very professional. I was very impressed. The guy knows what he’s talking about/what he’s doing. He’s straight to the point and that’s the way I like to be treated. Years ago, I bought a green Cuban shirt in Miami that I really loved and unfortunately it didn’t fit any more, but last week I put it on and it fit, not perfect, but I was able to wear it. That was amazing and it’s all thanks to Dr. Davtyan and the Lap-Band.

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