Bariatric Surgery
Patient Testimonial
– Remik

I had knee pain and high blood pressure and back pain also and that’s why . I tried different dient but didn’t get any results, that’s why I decided to do lap band. The procedure was good, no issues. The recovery was quick, and I was up and moving very soon. I was 233, now I’m 199. During 4 months I lost 34 lbs, I feel good, it’s amazing, I’m happy. I don’t have more knee pains, it’s less than before. The new diet is easy, you can almost eat anything just smaller portions. I feel much healthier. Before I couldn’t exercise, after 10 minutes of cardio I would be in pain, now I’m doing 30 minutes sometimes more, I’m dancing, I don’t have any pain. I’m exersing and it’s great. The doctor is good, everything is good.

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