Bariatric Surgery
Patient Testimonial
– Rima

I was very heavy and I tried so many different diets like Jenny Craig. I was losing weight then gaining more, I heard about Dr. Davtyan and said let’s do it. My BMI was not high enough for insurance to approve it, but I broke my leg, got in a cast and gained enough for it to cover.

The surgery was easy, I opened my eyes and they said the operation was finished.

Dr. Davtyan is the best doctor. When I did the lap band, for almost a month they didn’t tighten it. I believe my success was in that period where I did not eat, I had just liquids and after that I had no problems, nothing at all, I was coming for check ups monthly and whatever he told me to do I did it and right now after 8 and a half years I’m down 86 lbs. Health wise I’m doing very well, no problems. I believe he did a wonderful job. I watch what I am eating, try not to eat after 6PM. If I do I eat something very small.

I feel so great being down 86 lbs, which is 95% of my extra weight I needed to lose, and I was able to keep it off. I remember I couldn’t sleep because of my weight, it was very hard, sometimes I was snoring, but now everything is better. No more snoring.

Honestly the staff are such wonderful people. Once I wrote a letter to them to express my feelings. Nune is very professional and Arsine is the best. I’m honestly lucky to have found such wonderful people. I told the doctor that all the time he is in my prayers that God may give him strength to keep helping people.

I try not to play with the lap band opening or closing it, I just let it be even if I’m traveling. You need to discipline yourself and not mess with it and I think that is responsible in large part for my success.

I would tell people who need a weight loss procedure to go ahead and do it. I wish I had done it sooner. Especially young people who are suffering, you have to do it, but you also have to follow the directions. Remember that your body is not a trash can, in order to respect yourself you have to follow the directions. The foods you used to eat, you know how they taste, you don’t need it anymore, just ignore the craving, your body is much more important than the food.

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