Bariatric Surgery
Patient Testimonial
– Rita T

Before I saw the doctor my struggle with my weight was very hard. I tried so many diets and failed every time. It was emotionally difficult because no matter what I did, I just couldn’t turn things around. It made me feel helpless. I started looking into weight loss surgery and found Dr. Davtyan online. I asked a few people about him and they all raved about him so I took a leap of faith and made an appointment. I am so glad I did. Dr. Davtyan is an amazing doctor and he changed my life. I decided to get the Lap Band with him and to be honest the surgery was very easy, especially the recovery. I was expecting it to be difficult and thankfully it wasn’t. The first day that I went home I was already walking around and having company over. That’s how easy it was! I don’t even have any scarring, you can hardly tell I got the procedure done, which is due to how professional of a surgeon Dr. Davtyan is. He’s such a great doctor because he truly understands what you go through as a patient since he was one himself. He explains everything to you and really listens to what you have to say so he can give you the best care possible.

So far I’m 3 years out and have lost 60 lbs, which is almost 90% of my excess weight, and I feel like the surgery changed my life. It even changed the way I think. I got disciplined in how I eat and now make sure I eat healthy as much as I can. Physically I feel very energetic and light, when before I constantly felt fatigued and weak. I never wanted to do anything. Now, I’ve started exercising! I’m seeing the results and it motivates me to keep going. My looks changed and I’m a more happy, joyful and confident person. I’m so thankful for who I am now because of Dr. Davtyan.

When I look at my old pictures I’m shocked to see the difference in how I look now. It makes me feel so good that I finally completed something. Even though weight loss is a constant battle, I feel confident knowing that I have Dr. Davtyan beside me, keeping me on track, helping me push through when it gets hard.

My overall experience with Dr. Davtyan has been wonderful. I would rate it a 10 out of 10. His staff are also great. They are very kind and helpful and they always encourage me and are there for me whenever I need help. Every time I need an appointment I can get one. I’ve honestly never had any issues with anything.

I know it’s a big step to get the Lap Band or to have any type of weight loss surgery, but I’m telling you to do it. Take out a loan if you have to, because it will be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself. It’s worth it to change your life for the better. I look great, I feel great and I will continue to take care of myself and my body.

Rita T
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