Bariatric Surgery
Patient Testimonial
– Sarineh

I was overweight and couldn’t lose it. I had tried every diet possible — Lindora, Jenny Craig, weight loss pills — nothing helped. I just wanted to lose the weight for my health and self-confidence. It was holding me back from pursuing opportunities at work, physical activity, things like that.

I did a lot of research and my mom heard on the radio about the Lap-Band and I found Dr. Davtyan. He was very trusted. When I called his office, they gave me numbers of patients of his, and he was also highly recommended from other doctors.

The procedure was very smooth. The doctor was very thorough, explaining everything from A to Z. He also has a very supportive staff. It took me like 3 days to recover and I didn’t have pain, it was more discomfort, but as soon as I started moving around it eventually went away.

In the first week I lost weight, and within a month I had already lost 15 lbs. I felt great. All of a sudden, I had a lot more energy, was more social and more comfortable in my own skin. I felt healthier overall and was sleeping better. I wasn’t fatigued all the time. I ended up losing around 80lbs. I was 210lbs when I started. I’ve kept it off for the past 10 years already. I really noticed the weight loss when I got down to 160lbs. My dress sized dropped and energy level increased by a lot. When I hit 160lbs and was a size 8, I really realized I could wear nice clothes. It was when I started wearing my sister’s clothes that I really started to get excited.

The doctor has been very nice and is always very thorough. He sits down and listens to your concerns and truly cares about what you say. He is very supportive and wants to do the best for his patients. His staff is amazing. They are very, very sweet girls. I love all of them. They know you on a one on one name basis and know exactly who you are when you call the office. You’re in really good hands here.

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