Bariatric Surgery
Patient Testimonial
– Yosdelin Fraire-Bustos

Dr. David G. Davtyan
I lost 30% of my excess weight with the Lap band in just 22 days. I went from 262 lbs to 232 lbs in just a few days. I feel really good with my weight loss experience at Dr. Davtyan’s Glendale office.

I feel a lot more secure about myself and more beautiful than ever before & it’s only going to get better. This transformation has made me more united with my family & I get along with my husband better. I had to undergo lots of challenges earlier due to me being overweight. I experienced stress, anxiety & depression trying to lose excess weight. I used to experience emotional pain while eating foods of my choice as I was conscious of what I was eating and how it would add to my weight. After surgery, my physical appearance has changed but so has my emotional state of mind where I feel a lot good about myself and my body. I feel a lot more confident and happier & that is also very obvious to all my friends. During the entire process, I found great assistance from Dr. Davtyan’s staff that were consistently supportive during each of my visits pre and post the Lap Band Surgery. The surgery was easy & recovery was fast without problems. I would definitely recommend anyone struggling with weight loss to consider Lap Band Surgery as a long term solution to reach ideal weight as well as maintain the perfect weight in the long run. Not only am I not able to take amazing selfies of myself but I am also able to eat healthy and not snack unhealthy foods which I used to do lot often. Prior to the surgery, It was difficult initially to adhere to diet as I couldn’t stop eating but post surgery my appetite is controlled. I am not hungry. I feel in control of my eating habits. I can definitely say investing in Lapband was one of the best investments I made in myself and would definitely recommend everyone considering Lapband to approach Dr. Davtyan for his meticulous care throughout the process – be it his free pre-op consultation, during surgery or even post surgery. I am glad to have experienced such amazing weight loss benefits through this surgery & feel very comfortable referring all my friends to Dr. Davtyan.

Yosdelin Fraire-Bustos
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