All About Weight Loss Maintenance

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Losing weight is more than just undergoing surgical procedures to shed off those extra unwanted pounds. If you think you have gotten past the biggest hurdles, hold it right there; not exactly. The work does not stop there at all, and we’re already telling you now that it’s only the tip of the iceberg. It requires consistency and discipline in order to achieve and maintain your desired weight goal. It may be overwhelming at first, especially since you are making big adjustments in your lifestyle.

We have listed down some of the most vital tips to keep in mind as you try to ease into your new routine.

Stick To A Healthy And Balanced Diet Plan

One of the things that will drastically be affected once you begin your weight loss journey would be your meal plan. Going on a diet is one of the things you can certainly expect from your doctor. They will assist in creating a meal plan for you as part of your treatment. Some already start going on one before undergoing surgery, depending on the prerequisite. As you go along the way, your meal plan will be adjusted.

A weight loss procedure will include making changes in your digestive tract that will limit your food intake. Having said that, the size of your food serving will definitely lessen too. Just because you are on a diet, it doesn’t mean that you are in some strict boot camp where you aren’t allowed to enjoy what you eat. A healthy balanced diet is key in maintaining, if not getting closer, to your desired weight goal. Make sure to load up on your leafy greens, fruits, and a fair portion of lean meat.

Practice Regular Exercise

What’s weight loss without getting some physical activity, right? Regular exercise and losing weight always go hand-in-hand. Going on one will not only help you shed off the extra pounds, but it also improves your health standing. After undergoing a procedure, some of the following exercise activities you can do are:

  • Yoga
  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Light weightlifting

Make Adjustments To Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle greatly affects your weight, hence, if you have been leading one that contributes to unhealthy weight gain, you are obviously going to need to make some changes in order to see progress. If you find yourself constantly eating unhealthy foods or getting portions that have seemed to reach beyond your recommended size, you may need to switch to healthier alternatives and eating habits.

Apart from eating, some of the other lifestyle habits that may actually affect your weight are:

  • Sleeping – Lack of sleep may lead to weight gain, hence, it is recommended to get at least 6-8 hours as much as you can
  • Food Deprivation – Cutting back on your food intake does not equate to food deprivation. Make sure you eat your meals accordingly and on time. We do not recommend skipping meals, as this will only increase your cravings, hence, leading you to indulge.
  • Stress Management and Self-Care – Stress is one of the things that can contribute to weight gain, so how you manage it and take care of yourself greatly matters. Make sure to find time for yourself and do activities that you enjoy from time to time.

Stay Hydrated With Water

Water is considered to be a holy grail in the name of your weight loss journey. It is one of the most natural ways to lose weight since it does not contain any sugar and added calories. We’re not saying you can’t drink your favorite sugary drinks anymore, but as much as possible, reduce it and indulge more on your H20. It’s definitely a healthy way to shed off the extra pounds, and it’s very effective provided that you do it regularly. Not only does it help you lose weight, but it also cleanses waste from your body, leaving you feeling fresh at all times. It is recommended to have at least 8 glasses of water in a day.

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Posted on behalf of Dr. David G. Davtyan MD, FACS, FICS

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