The Best Foods To Eat That Can Aid In Weight Loss

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Weight loss is truly a transformational journey where it involves making a consistent and conscious effort that can help you maintain your new healthier figure and weight. The weight loss journey does not necessarily end right after the procedure; it requires maintenance and discipline. Food intake is one of things that you need to be mindful of as it can directly influence your weight. This is why a meal plan is a part of your treatment plan made by your doctor, where particular food selections will help aid you in your weight loss maintenance goals.

Read on below as we list down delicious and healthier options that will keep you on track on your weight loss journey!

Grilled Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is one of the healthiest parts of the chicken due to its lean meat, meaning it contains less fat than usual, which is greatly beneficial if you are watching over your weight. It’s a great source of protein supply, which is also great for building muscle strength as well as keeping your bones healthy.

Lean Beef

Similar to chicken breast, lean cut beef is the most ideal if you are trying to lose weight.

Boiled Potatoes

Gotta love them potatoes, right? There has been the rise of a diet fad called “The Potato Diet” where it promises rapid weight loss by consuming only these starchy and tasty carbohydrates for three to five days. Boiled potatoes are one of the best options for cooking as they do not contain much oil and fats. You even have the option to add a little bit of salt and pepper and yogurt which is also helpful in shedding off the extra pounds.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is just another holy grail to your list of weight loss options. While usually used to add in salad dressings, this type of vinegar can be added to your drink too with 1-2 tablespoons. Its acetic acid component is the one promoting weight loss. It has been found in studies that apple cider vinegar becomes even more effective when combined with a low calorie diet and exercise. It is recommended to drink it before every meal as it can help in reducing your appetite as your stomach feels full.

Whole Eggs

Contrary to popular belief that eggs are full of bad cholesterol, they are actually good food sources that can help in bringing down your weight. They are full of protein and nutrients, and low in calories when taken in moderation. What’s great about eggs is that they are easily accessible to buy in supermarkets and only come at a low price, which adds to the reason that makes them a good choice.


Beans are rich in protein and fiber which makes them a good food source as well for weight loss. They are slow to digest and can make you feel full for a longer time. Some of the best beans to digest are kidney beans and black beans.

Dark Chocolate

Who says you can’t have some sweet treats while losing weight. If you are a sweet tooth, you can indulge in small servings of dark chocolate from time to time. They have the ability to reduce appetite, making you feel full than usual. On top of aiding you in your weight loss journey, it also helps boost your mood! What better way to lose weight in an enjoyable way, right?

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