How To Choose The Best Weight Loss Surgeon In Los Angeles

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The decision to search for weight loss surgeons represents a huge step for patients who have often endured a lifelong struggle with obesity. Most patients contemplate treatment for years before they finally decide to take the next step on their journey and go through with weight loss surgery. When they finally decide to pursue weight loss surgery, they then must embark on a search to find a good, trustworthy surgeon, which can be quite overwhelming.

With so many weight loss surgeons in Los Angeles, you might wonder how you can find the best surgeon to help you achieve your personal weight loss goals. Fortunately, finding a trusted weight loss surgeon with the expertise to transform your appearance is easier than you might think. Below are seven qualities to seek as you select an accomplished weight loss surgeon in Los Angeles.

1) Weight Loss Surgeons With Relevant Experience.

Weight loss surgery is best performed by a surgeon with many years of experience performing the type of procedure you are going to have. Studies have shown that experienced surgeons help reduce risks and improve surgical outcomes. It’s a good question to ask your surgeon how many times he performs the particular surgery you are interested in per year to get an idea of their level of experience.

2) Use Of Cutting-Edge Procedures And Technologies.

Top weight loss surgeons will offer you the latest, most effective surgical procedures to facilitate weight loss. For instance, if you are seeking a non-surgical weight loss option, they offer the “accordion procedure”. Also known as the “endoscopic sleeve,” this procedure is beneficial because it is a reversible procedure and patients are generally able to go home the same day after spending only 2-3 hours in the recovery room. In addition to offering the latest cutting-edge procedures, your weight loss surgeon should be dedicated to helping patients achieve long-term weight loss with consistent follow up.

3) Weight Loss Surgeons With Superb Results.

As you evaluate weight loss surgeons, make sure to consider patients’ short-term and long-term results. Surgeons who are dedicated to helping their patients achieve lasting results recognize that their job is not finished after surgery. The best long-term results are achieved through long-term follow-up care with patients. As you evaluate weight loss surgeons in Los Angeles, make sure that you choose a surgeon who offers a comprehensive package of weight management services. Examples include dietary counseling and support groups designed to help you make positive lifestyle changes. Surgeons that are also board certified in Bariatric Medicine are a great option since they can provide you with nutritional guidance as well.

4) Active Membership In Professional Organizations.

As you compare weight loss surgeons, you will likely notice that some surgeons have an impressive industry presence. Weight loss surgeons who are actively involved in professional organizations participate in continuing education and remain at the forefront of the weight loss industry. A few of the most relevant professional organizations include the following:

5) Weight Loss Surgeons With An Empathetic Bedside Manner.

When you finally make the decision to start your journey and undergo weight loss surgery, you might have questions or have feelings of trepidation about the procedure. The best weight loss surgeons have a wonderful bedside manner and address patient concerns in a supportive, empathetic fashion. It’s important to have a weight loss surgeon who you feel is in your corner and ready to walk hand-in-hand with you on your weight loss journey.

6) Outstanding Patient Reviews.

Online patient reviews on websites such as or will give you a good idea of a weight loss surgeon’s accomplishments and bedside manner. Some reviewers post before and after photos, which can help you assess a surgeon’s ability to deliver results.

7) Complimentary Consultations.

Weight loss surgery transforms patients’ lives and is constantly evolving. However, it is a serious procedure that is associated with a variety of risks. Patients must be firmly dedicated to changing their lifestyles prior to committing to surgery. Leading weight loss surgeons recognize the importance of an initial complimentary consultation to provide patients with an opportunity to ask questions and ensure that they are good candidates for weight loss surgery.

The Bottom Line

If you are searching for the safest, most trusted path to weight loss and improved health, Dr. David G. Davtyan and his staff are here for you. With convenient locations in Beverly Hills, Rancho Cucamonga, Fountain Valley, and Glendale, The Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles offers the latest cutting-edge weight loss treatments in L.A. Contact us today at 877-9-BE-SLIM (877-923-7546) to schedule a complimentary consultation and learn why Dr. David Davtyan is one of L.A.’s most accomplished weight loss surgeons. As a bariatric patient himself, who has benefited from weight loss surgery, he can offer compassion, expertise, and empath. Today is the perfect day for you to take your first step on the journey to a newer, more healthful you!

Posted on behalf of Dr. David G. Davtyan MD, FACS, FICS

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