Gastric Balloon In Los Angeles: FAQs

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How Much Weight Can You Lose With A Gastric Balloon?

On average, patients can expect to lose 10-20% of their total body weight over the span of 6 months. For many patients, this can be between 20-50 pounds.

How Long Does A Gastric Balloon Last?

A gastric balloon is designed to be in your stomach for 6 months and once that time is up, your doctor will deflate and remove the balloon with the use of an endoscopy.

What Happens If The Gastric Balloon Pops?

When a balloon rupture happens, you may notice that you don’t feel as full after eating. If the balloon has been ruptured, you will have to have the gastric balloon removed.

What Can I Eat With A Gastric Balloon?

Directly after having the gastric balloon procedure, you will try to sip water and once that is tolerated, you can begin consuming free fluids like low sugar fruit juices and soups for the upcoming three days.

How Is The Gastric Balloon Inserted?

Gastric balloons are inserted into the body orally through the esophagus. It is then placed in the stomach in a non-surgical way. The balloon is inflated and helps to slow the process of food and liquids into the stomach. Overtime, you will shed weight and become a healthier person.

Which Is The Best Gastric Balloon In Los Angeles?

There are many different gastric balloons but the Orbera, Obalon, and ReShape are pretty popular among patients. These are all FDA approved and trusted among doctors. Weight Loss Surgery LA offers all of these options at affordable prices with premier pre and post-op care.

Can You Travel With A Gastric Balloon?

It is optimal to avoid traveling on planes when the gastric balloon is in your body. An unpressurized airplane cabin can potentially cause your balloon to deflate; the same can be said underwater scuba diving.

What Are The Side Effects Of Gastric Balloons?

Some of the more common side effects of the gastric balloon are:

  • Little weight loss
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Discomfort in the stomach
  • Acid reflux
  • Infection
  • Food blockage when entering the stomach

Is The Gastric Band Better Than The Gastric Balloon?

The gastric band is more effective in achieving weight loss due to the fact that it is an invasive procedure. Although it is a minimally invasive procedure, it is still considered invasive being that it’s a laparoscopic procedure. The gastric balloon is non-invasive and is the only non-invasive weight loss procedure.

Is Getting A Gastric Balloon Painful?

You may experience some pain from the inflation of the gastric balloon, but many patients label it more as discomfort. The gastric balloon procedure is more so uncomfortable than painful.

Posted on behalf of Dr. David G. Davtyan MD, FACS, FICS

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