The Advantages And Procedure Of Gastric Bypass : Explained

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What Is Gastric Bypass?

When looking into weight loss solutions and deciding which one is best for you, you may run into a procedure called a “gastric bypass”. Gastric bypass is a type of bariatric surgery, or also known as weight loss surgery. This method refers to is a particular surgical technique that divides the stomach into separate pouches, which are then both connected to the small intestines. By arranging the stomach this way, this subsequently changes the way you eat and digest food. After surgery you will consume less food, feel hungrier quicker, and perhaps drop more than half of your body weight.

What To Expect From Gastric Bypass In Los Angeles?

Before diving straight into a definitive ‘yes’ for gastric bypass, it is important to lay out what you should expect when going with this route. When scheduling your gastric bypass with us here at Lap Band LA, you can expect to work with our nutritionists and physicians to go over diet, pre-op requirements, and post-op information. The night before your surgery, you do have to fast so stop eating at the time your doctor says to stop eating at. The day of your surgery, don’t eat or drink anything (not even water). You will then meet with your anesthesiologist, as well as pre-op staff, and this is the time to go over any questions that you have or to clarify anything. You will then begin prepping for surgery and getting into your hospital gown and compression socks. Once you go into surgery and go under anesthesia, your surgeon will begin accessing your stomach in order to perform the gastric bypass procedure. As aforementioned, your surgeon will implement the gastric bypass procedure by using a band to separate the stomach into two pouches. They will then arrange the pouches to connect to the small intestines. After surgery, you may feel some soreness or pain in the stomach, and you will receive medication to help with the pain.

Gastric Bypass Advantages

Like all weight loss solutions, gastric bypass has some great advantages. When compared to other weight loss solutions, gastric bypass is a popular choice because there is greater overall weight loss. Due to the stricter dietary restrictions and less overall caloric absorption, people can lose weight pretty rapidly. Gastric bypass also helps to direct the body to make better choices, as you’ll form a discomfort to eating sugars, carbs, and fats. There is also a very high success rate with gastric bypass, as about 96% of obesity-related health problems are totally reversed and resolved in a short amount of time.

Tips For Recovering From Gastric Bypass Surgery In LA

When going ahead with gastric bypass, you may find it useful to follow these tips:

  • Listen to your body – Take things at your own pace and don’t strain yourself. When exercising and staying active, you can work up to your pain threshold but be cautious.
  • Keep hydrated – Drink a lot of water throughout your weight loss journey but not before or after meals. Eating and drinking simultaneously can lead to vomiting due to the fact that your stomach is so small.
  • Avoid certain foods – Of course, you are starting an intense journey and it is important to be strict and diligent with your food. Avoid sugar, alcohol, fat, and carbonation.

Getting The Most Of The Gastric Bypass Procedure

Embarking on this weight loss journey is no small feat, and it should be exciting to move forward to a healthier life. As you continue on this weight loss journey, staying diligent and consistent post-op is vital and there are some keys to success that will allow you to get the most out of your procedure. Here are some post-op keys for long-term success:

  • Only eat three meals a day. The body doesn’t need to eat more than three meals a day, so be sure to listen to your hunger cues.
  • Eat protein first. When eating your meal, eat your protein item first, as it takes longer to digest in your stomach. This allows for your stomach to become more full with less food consumption.
  • Exercise. Exercising is essential to the overall weight loss process so be strict and diligent with your exercise regimen.

For more information about gastric bypass, or to schedule a consultation with our surgeons here at Lap Band LA, give us a call! With 30 years of experience, we have helped countless patients achieve the body of their dreams. Give us a call today and take a step towards changing your life.

Posted on behalf of Dr. David G. Davtyan MD, FACS, FICS

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