Gastric Sleeve In Los Angeles: Before And After

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If you’re contemplating having your gastric sleeve in Los Angeles, and wondering what you’ll need before and after your procedure, you’re in the right place! There are so many resources available to you here in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world.

Preparing For The Gastric Sleeve In Los Angeles

Before the surgery, your weight loss surgeon may ask you to begin preparing one to two weeks ahead of time. You may be asked to start on an eating plan that will help shrink your liver, which is typically enlarged in overweight and obese individuals and this will help make your procedure easier and safer. Typically this will include:

  • Eating more lean protein
  • Eating fewer carbohydrates
  • Minimize sugar intake

Your gastric sleeve surgeon certainly will have his own preferences. At The Weight Loss Surgery Center Of Los Angeles, we provide detailed dietary recommendations before your surgery. It is essential that you follow them!

Beginning Your Journey After Gastric Sleeve In Los Angeles

salad in a bowl after gastric sleeve in los angelesCongratulations, now that you’re done with your gastric sleeve in Los Angeles, the best news is that you’re no longer going to be as hungry as before the surgery. The gastric sleeve operation removes a significant portion of your stomach, which contains a hormone called Ghrelin, which makes you feel hungry. So now that your Ghrelin levels have decreased tremendously, so will your hunger. You will be hungry less often and with less intensity and your hunger will be satisfied with very small amounts of food.

Initially, it will be recommended that food be only liquid and in very small amounts — and that is primarily for the protection of the fresh post-surgical staple line on your stomach. Dr. David Davtyan will present you with very specific recommendations for a post-operative diet that will ensure your recovery is quick, safe and uneventful. Before your gastric sleeve in Los Angeles, you’ll want to stock up on the supplies you’ll need for after the surgery. Talk to your weight loss surgeon and make sure you follow their specific guidelines, but here’s a look at what Dr. David Davtyan’s general recommendations may look like. They may be adjusted for each individual patient based on the details of their gastric sleeve surgery, the recovery, as well as the patient’s personal preferences.

Please remember, these are just guidelines, not a complete list of the only things you are allowed to eat and drink.

Phase 1 (weeks 1-2):

  • Clear liquids such as decaf tea, water, clear broths, coffee, sugar-free popsicles, low calorie/ sugar-free fruit juice, diet Snapple.
  • Avoid sour juices, especially cranberry, orange, lemonade, pineapple, and grapefruit.
  • Avoid anything with carbonation as this puts pressure on your new, smaller stomach and could cause it to expand.
  • During the first few weeks, it’s important to sip slowly. Don’t drink any more than one 2-oz cup at any given time.

Phase 2 (weeks 3-4):

  • A full liquid diet such as light/ sugar-free yogurt, sugar-free fudgesicles/creamsicles, skim/non-fat/fat-free/1%/soy milk (no more than 8 oz per day).
  • Non-clear soups like tomato, pea, squash, pumpkin (no rice, noodles, potatoes or anything with chunks of food).
  • No protein shakes (they are packed with calories).

Phase 3 (weeks 5-6):

  • Soft pureed diet such as cottage cheese, eggs (wet scrambled or soft boiled), soups with vegetables and meat optional (avoid anything creamy due to the high amount of calories), hummus, a single scoop of tuna (in water), chicken, turkey, salmon salad with low-fat plain yogurt instead of mayo, avocado, mashed banana, beans (not refried), lentils, beets, quinoa.
  • No rice, potatoes, pasta or other noodles. Avoid carbohydrates in general.

Phase 4 (weeks 7-8):

  • Solid foods (no more than 4-oz) such as fish/shellfish, minced or ground chicken/turkey/beef (+80% lean), tofu, raw fruit without skin/membrane/pits, steamed/boiled vegetables (carrots, strained peas, green beans, spinach, etc.).
  • Remove skins on zucchini, yellow squash, and eggplant.
  • Avoid vegetables like corn, broccoli, green peppers, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, asparagus and celery.
  • Eat slowly; cut very small pieces.
  • Chew thoroughly 20+ times until liquefied in your mouth before swallowing; pause between each swallow.
  • Do not flush food with a beverage.
  • Do not drink liquids 30 minutes before or after each meal.
  • Stop when you feel full.
  • Avoid carbohydrates as they will trigger higher levels of insulin production which may increase overall hunger.
  • Try to stick with protein. This will also help to preserve muscle mass.

Phase 5 (weeks 9+)

  • Return to regular diet (no more than 4-oz of food per meal)
  • Continue to chew thoroughly.
  • Avoid eating the next bite before completely swallowing.
  • SLOWLY experiment with new and different foods one at a time.
  • Remember to STOP when you feel full.
  • Don’t forget chewable multi-vitamins.

After Gastric Sleeve In Los Angeles

Make sure to take those vitamins and minerals recommended by your surgeon! You’ll get regular blood tests after surgery to be sure your body is absorbing everything you need to stay healthy, and your doctor may recommend more or different supplementation so your recovery is quick and easy.
Starting an exercise program as soon as you can both before and after surgery is one of the best predictors of maximum weight loss. As you get lighter and lighter, you’re going to want to move that body. Choose the right gym for you. Get a day pass and try before you buy at Planet Fitness–their tagline of being a judgment-free zone may be just what you need as you begin your journey. Along with Planet Fitness, there are more than 2,200 fitness centers in the Los Angeles area, and there will be one that’s both near you and right for you.

If you want to lose weight and regain your health and beauty, and you’re interested in bariatric surgery, our bariatric surgeon Dr. Davtyan and his caring staff are here for you! With four convenient locations in Beverly Hills, Glendale, Rancho Cucamonga and Fountain Valley, The Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles offers some of the finest weight-loss treatment in L.A.

Call us today at 877-9-BE-SLIM (877-923-7546) and schedule your initial complimentary consultation. Today is the day to take the first step on a journey to a whole new you!

Posted on behalf of Dr. David G. Davtyan MD, FACS, FICS

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