How Much Weight Will I Lose With Gastric Bypass?

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So you’ve been looking for a solution to achieve your needed weight loss. Someone introduced you to the idea of getting a gastric bypass surgery done. It sounds good: get surgery, lose weight immediately!

But how much weight will you lose if ever you do undergo this procedure?

This question is definitely very important and understandably, a very common concern. After all, if you’re investing in such a procedure, then you expect to lose significant weight from it.

Well, one thing you have to keep in mind is that results will vary with different people. Each person will lose weight at varying degrees and speeds after the treatment. Also, remember that the success of your weight loss journey through gastric bypass surgery will largely depend on your choices and efforts post-surgery.

But just so you have a general idea of what will happen after the procedure, keep on reading. We’ll discuss the average weight loss as well as some factors that can help you lose and keep off weight.

What Is Gastric Bypass Again?

Here’s a quick refresher. Gastric bypass is one of the most common weight-loss surgeries on the market. It reduces the size of your stomach and also reroutes part of your intestines.

Since you now have a smaller stomach, you tend to not overeat. Also, the change in your intestines prevents your body from fully absorbing all the calories you consume. This procedure becomes a simulation of a low-calorie diet.

That’s the reason gastric bypass is one of the more popular weight-loss options.

So… How Much Weight On Average Can I Or Another Person Lose After Gastric Bypass?

We don’t want this article to be one of those that doesn’t answer your question right away, so here is the answer.

On average, a person loses anywhere from 50% to 70% of body weight after they undergo gastric bypass surgery. This occurs for a period of one to two years.

The first three months are when you will drop the most weight after the procedure, around 30% of your original weight. To avoid malnutrition, make sure you stay on a healthy diet and have a sufficient level of activity to help recover from surgery. Ask your surgeon or doctor about your diet and activity level for you.

By the sixth month, you will have grown accustomed to the changes in your body and diet. Weight loss will continue but will start to slow down. At this point, regular exercise and a healthy diet should already be a habit to help maintain the gains from gastric bypass surgery.

At the 1-year mark, you may have achieved 50% to 70% weight loss. You should have already developed the good habits of exercising regularly and eating healthy. If you haven’t reached this weight loss milestone yet, do not be discouraged as being fitter and healthier cannot be achieved overnight.

Can You Give A More Specific Example Of This Weight Loss?

Let’s assume we have a 5’8 male named John. He currently weighs 300 lbs. His doctors tell him he needs to lose 150 pounds so that he can hit the ideal weight for his height.

In the first three months after gastric bypass surgery, John can expect to lose around 30% of his weight. This means three months after, he’ll be around 251lbs. That’s an amazing loss of around 49 lbs. in such a short span of time, wouldn’t you agree?

Let’s now assume that he sticks to his diet and starts an exercise program with the guidance of his doctor after the third month. He can readily expect to be around 226 lbs. by the sixth month after the surgical procedure. The weight loss won’t be as drastic as his initial weight loss, but at least he is still losing weight.

And assuming he strictly sticks to a healthy diet and keeps a regular exercise regimen, he can readily expect to be around 203 lbs. a year after the procedure. He has shed nearly 100 lbs. a year after gastric bypass surgery!

Isn’t that amazing? And you can generally expect the same results for you if you follow what your surgeon and doctor say.

Is There A Chance That I Revert To My Old Weight?

Let’s say you followed what we discussed earlier. You had a hard time being strict but you were able to do it. So now you’re thinking maybe you don’t have to try as hard anymore.

Maybe you’re thinking that since you’ve lost a lot of weight, you can treat yourself to celebrate. Maybe you can indulge in those delicious, empty calories once again.

Well, you can… but we’re sure that you’ll soon notice the temptation to keep on eating and eating those same empty calories. And if you fall into that temptation, you’d be back to square one with health problems and the need to lose weight all over again.

That’s why if you noticed, we kept mentioning changes in lifestyle, especially regarding diet and exercise. Why, exactly?

It’s simple. Your weight loss gains from gastric bypass surgery will not be sustainable unless you make accompanying changes in these areas.

For example, if you continue to eat large meals, your reduced stomach size will eventually expand. And those health problems you bid goodbye to when you lost weight? They can easily come back into your life if you’re not careful!

In short, don’t just work at losing weight. Work on keeping the extra weight off, too!

Learn More About Gastric Bypass With Weight Loss Surgery, LA

It’s clear that weight loss will be rapid from gastric bypass surgery. You will certainly see and feel changes in your body in the first month!

However, remember that the procedure alone will not help you reach your weight loss goal or maintain your ideal weight. There is no such thing as instant weight loss or a shortcut to being healthy. Controlling your diet and maintaining an active lifestyle are also necessary.

The journey will not be easy but the prize – a healthier you – is worth it.

We hope that this article has given you confidence and helpful insights into the effects of the gastric bypass procedure.

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