Gastric Balloon In Los Angeles: Pros And Cons

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Do you wish you could lose weight for an upcoming event or a wedding, or after your pregnancy and reclaim your slim, youthful body? Whatever your reason for wanting to lose weight, let’s consider how gastric balloon can help you meet your weight loss goal. Some of the frequently used gastric balloons include the Orbera balloon and the Obalon balloon.

Orbera Gastric Balloon

The Orbera balloon has been used successfully for a long time in Los Angeles. Orbera is placed endoscopically by your surgeon under conscious sedation in an outpatient setting. The Orbera surgeon will then place the deflated balloon in your stomach through your mouth and inflate it with saline. The balloon stays in place for about six months, during which time you will relearn how to eat much smaller portions and adopt a new, healthier lifestyle. Orbera also offers a variety of tools to provide ongoing support to their patients through Orbera Coach.

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*Actual Orbera patient. Individual results may vary.

Obalon Gastric Balloon

The Obalon balloon system is the newest, non-surgical FDA approved gastric balloon. It’s made up of a set of three smaller balloons that are placed in your stomach one at a time over several weeks to a month, depending on your surgeon’s discretion. If you decide to choose Obalon to achieve your weight loss goals, you would swallow each balloon in a pill-sized capsule, which has a micro-catheter attached. After ensuring the balloon has been properly inserted, your doctor will inflate the balloon by injecting gas through the catheter. An X-ray will be taken before, during and after each placement to confirm the balloon’s proper location. Much in the same way that Orbera works, Obalon’s three balloons take up space in your stomach, causing you to feel less hungry and eat less.

Obalon Gastric Balloon patient Before and After
*Actual Obalon patient. Individual results may vary.

As with any type of weight loss program, there are pros and cons to using gastric balloons in Los Angeles.

Pros Of Gastric Balloon In Los Angeles

Because the gastric balloon is non-surgical and the treatment only lasts six months, it’s a great option for anyone who would like to lose 30-50lbs (assuming you meet the other criteria for being a candidate). Although the procedure is non-surgical, gastric balloons should be removed under general anesthesia in order to protect your airway — it’s much better to be safe than sorry! Given the fact that removal requires general anesthesia, we recommend that it’s in our patient’s best interest to avoid becoming pregnant during the 6-month treatment.

Gastric balloons are known to be easy, fast and relatively affordable (financing may also be available). Once inserted, the balloon is left in place for six months. While it is in place, you tend to be less hungry and feel full sooner. This allows you plenty of time to adjust to consuming smaller portions and form healthy eating and exercise habits. With the gastric balloon, you can achieve approximately 3 times as much weight loss as compared to just diet and exercise alone.

Cons Of Gastric Balloon In Los Angeles

There are risks associated with every weight loss method, including gastric balloons. Some users may experience nausea, acid reflux, and other stomach discomforts, especially for the first few weeks. Stomach discomfort may also cause problems with sleep. These symptoms usually resolve with time and your doctor can help relieve them with medication as they deem necessary. Saline filled balloons may also have other risks, to learn more visit

Considering The Gastric Balloon In Los Angeles?

When considering the pros and cons of gastric balloons, do not forget to consider your personal health and happiness. What is the present state of your health? How is your weight limiting your lifestyle? And what is the cost of your weight to your emotional health and happiness? While you should understand the potential side effects and pitfalls associated with gastric balloons, they can be a very effective weight loss solution. To find an expert in your area, please visit Obalon or Orbera.

The most important factor to consider when deciding whether or not a gastric balloon for weight loss is right for you is figuring out how determined you are to stick to the medically supervised program. If you are ready and willing to break your old bad habits and change your relationship with food, the gastric balloon can help you achieve great results. Remember: the gastric balloon is only a tool and requires you to be an active participant in order to be truly effective.

Doing nothing to reduce your weight and improve your health is also a choice and has its own risks. Gastric balloons don’t require surgery (so no surgical scars), and they can be placed in under an hour. It is vitally important to understand that a gastric balloon is a temporary procedure. To achieve long-term weight loss, you must make use of education and support to establish permanent lifestyle changes.

If you are interested in non-surgical weight loss procedures, like the gastric balloon, The Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles provides excellent, experienced and compassionate care. Dr. David Davtyan and his highly trained staff will be with you every step of the way. You can visit us at one of our convenient locations in Rancho Cucamonga, Glendale, and Beverly Hills. To schedule your initial complimentary consultation, contact us at 877-9-BE-SLIM (877-923-7546). Your weight loss is a personal journey and we are here for you. Take the first step today.

Posted on behalf of Dr. David G. Davtyan MD, FACS, FICS

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