Orbera Gastric Balloon For Nonsurgical Weight Loss

Orbera gastric balloon. Proven Safety. Proven Effectiveness.

Apollo Endosurgery, Inc., the maker of the Orbera gastric balloon, made headlines last month when it announced the results of the first U.S. clinical study post-FDA approval for the ORBERA managed weight loss system. ORBERA is a reversible, non-surgical, endoscopic, gastric weight loss balloon procedure that works by helping you feel full on a restricted-calorie diet. ORBERA is an incision-less weight loss procedure that is designed for adult patients suffering from excess weight, and may be the answer for weight-loss patients who want to try nonsurgical weight loss procedures. Additionally, patients who have not been able to achieve weight-loss results through diet and exercise alone may wish to consider ORBERA, and should expect three times more weight loss.

How ORBERA Works

ORBERA is a silicone balloon that is inserted endoscopically through the mouth into the stomach, with no need for incisions. The ORBERA balloon is then filled with a sterile saline solution using a syringe until it is about the size of a grapefruit. During the 30-minute procedure, the patient is mildly sedated while ORBERA is inserted and inflated. Patients are able to go home after about two hours, and are encouraged to begin the next phase of their weight-loss plan as soon as their ORBERA gastric balloon has been placed. After six months with the ORBERA balloon in place, it is deflated and carefully removed, enabling the patient to continue his or her weight-loss journey with diet and exercise monitored through a specialized 12-month program that offers a holistic approach to help ORBERA patients reach their personal weight loss goals.

Orbera weight loss balloon works by decreasing patients hunger and by decreasing the amount of food that patients need to eat to achieve satiety.

At The Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles we were able to achieve up to 80 pounds weight loss in some patients and up to 50-60 pounds weight loss in most of our patients.

ORBERA Clinical Trial

Apollo Endosurgery, Inc., manufacturers of the ORBERA managed weight loss system, report that the average weight loss of the 321 participants in their U.S. clinical trial after six months was 25.1 pounds, and that no serious side effects or medical issues resulted from the ORBERA placement in any of the patients. Additionally, 88 percent of the trial participants achieved 5 percent total body weight loss within a six-month period, while 62 percent achieved 10 percent total body weight loss and 31 percent achieved 15 percent total body weight loss. Additional information available at Orberala.com

Lose Weight with ORBERA Gastric Balloon

Our weight loss surgeon Dr. David G. Davtyan and the team at The Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles are excited by the latest trial results of the ORBERA system and look forward to bringing you more news about this revolutionary new procedure. If you think the time is right to shed those unwanted pounds, we are here to help! Contact The Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles today at 877-9-BE-SLIM to speak with a representative about scheduling your complimentary consultation.

Posted on behalf of Dr. David G. Davtyan MD, FACS, FICS

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