Tackling Obesity

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Facts That You Should Know About Obesity

Putting on a bit of weight here and there is not so bad, especially if it does not hinder you from doing your daily routine or if it is not preventing you from living the life that you want. However, weight gain can become a problem once it has reached the levels that are already harmful to your body and wellbeing. This is what obesity does to you. What you have to realize is that obesity is an illness. A lot of diseases can arise out of being obese, which are but not limited to heart disease, diabetes, gall stones, high blood pressure, and other forms of illnesses. People are also at risk of getting cancer when one has obesity. In adults, to know if you fall under the obese category, your body mass index or BMI should be over 30. Extreme obesity, on the other hand, is when your body mass index falls over 40. Learn more about obesity and the procedures that you can do for weight loss with The Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles. Visit their website for more information.

Why Does Obesity Happen?

Obesity does not happen overnight. It is a cumulation of a lot of different factors. The most common of these factors are the lack of any physical activity and overeating. When the body holds more calories than he or she burns, the body will store it as fat. This is the reason why we gain weight. Your dietary intake also plays a big role with weight gain. Consuming food which is high in sugar or fat such as sweets, junk food, or anything that is fried, can explain one’s weight gain. Your emotions can also play a part on your food intake habits, which in turn can lead you to gain weight. The more you are stressed, sad, or even feeling bored, the more likely you are to reach for that pint of ice cream or even order take out to binge eat on. Medication and genetics can also affect your ability to gain or lose weight. If you are already diagnosed with a pre-existing disease, that illness may also contribute to your weight gain. To have a better understanding on obesity and its effects, inquire at The Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles.

Does Your Body Shape Matter?

In what particular area of your body do you find yourself having the most allocation of fat can matter on whether or not you have obesity. Having an apple-shaped body with fat concentrated on the belly or abdomen area may lead to health risks that are linked with obesity. To know your body shape, measuring your waist to hip ratio is a method that you can do. First, take note of the measurement of your waist at its narrowest point. Then, measure your hips to at its widest point. After getting your measurements, divide the measurement of your waist to the measurement of your hip. If your waist to hip ratio is more than 0.8 in women, or more than 1.0 in men, you may have an apple-shaped body. You can also determine your abdominal fat IQ through measuring your waist circumference. If your waist circumference is more than 35 inches for women, or more than 40 inches in men, you may want to get yourself checked for obesity. Know more about how to determine if you are at risk for obesity by consulting with the experts at The Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles.

Preventing Obesity

It is never too late to start to prevent yourself from getting obesity. You can start simply by doing some lifestyle changes such as changing your eating habits, opting for healthier food and ditching food which are rich in fat and sugar. Slowly form an exercise habit. Going to the gym is not really required. Do any form of physical activity and incorporate it to your daily routine. Why not go out for a quick run every morning before you start your day’s work? Or you can invest in simple work out equipment such as weights or a yoga mat, and try out a work out routine that works for you. Start forming healthy habits before it’s too late. The Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles can guide you in making the right choices for your weight loss journey.

The Weight Is Over With The Weight Loss Surgery Center Of Los Angeles

You can end your struggle with your weight today with the Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles! With over 28 years of experience, Dr. Davtyan can help you achieve your dream of a better body and a healthier quality of living. Offering various comprehensive medical and surgical weight loss solutions, Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles provides you with only the best weight loss services in Los Angeles. Included in their list of treatment options are bariatric surgery, gastric sleeve, gastric balloon, lap band, gastric plication, gastric bypass, gastric pacemaker, bariatric revision, and body contouring. Click on their website and read through the information available on each treatment offered to make yourself acquainted with the procedure that you wish to avail of. You may also get in touch with the experts at their various locations. Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles- your weight loss partner to a new and improved you.

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