Is Bariatric Surgery The Weight Loss Procedure For You?

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Learning About Bariatric Surgery

Obesity is one of the biggest health issues that we are currently facing. With obesity comes other kinds of health risks that can compromise your quality of life. However, if you currently have this condition, do not worry as this can still be treated. While changing one’s eating habits and exercising regularly are some of the ways that you can promote an active lifestyle, some may find themselves unable to lose the extra weight after using every trick available in the book. Not to fret, however, as there are still some ways available for you to still achieve your dream of having a fit and healthy body. One of these solutions is undergoing weight loss procedures. A kind of weight loss procedure that you can look into doing is a bariatric surgery. So, what is bariatric surgery? Simply put, bariatric surgery is what you call a kind of procedure that requires surgery to your stomach or intestines. The focus of this kind of surgery is to promote weight loss by undergoing such a procedure. There are various kinds of weight loss surgeries, such as but not limited to accordion procedures, gastric balloons, gastric banding, gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, Lap Band, and the like. Why should you take this kind of procedure, you may wonder? Is this really effective? What makes bariatric surgery effective is that this kind of procedure lessens the calories absorbed by your body through the different kinds of bariatric procedures done to your stomach or intestines. This then induces you to lose weight effectively. To know more about bariatric surgery, head over to The Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles for more information.

When Do I Know If I Am Allowed To Have Bariatric Surgery?

For any type of weight loss surgery, it is recommended that one could proceed with this kind of treatment only if the candidate has done any and all of the weight loss measures available such as exercise, diet, and the like, however they have reached a conclusion that any of the measures that they have tried is unsuccessful. There are stringent qualifications, as well, to properly determine if you can proceed with any weight loss surgery. One of the qualifications is that the candidate must have a Body Mass Index or BMI that is more than 40. If your Body Mass Index or BMI is more than 35, you will be considered to be a candidate for surgery if you have a comorbidity that is related to obesity. Some of the comorbidities you may take note of are diabetes, chronic joint pain, sleep apnea, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and the like. To know if you are qualified to undergo bariatric surgery, inquire at The Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles.

I Have Decided To Undergo Bariatric Surgery, How Do I Prepare For It?

Now that you are qualified and ready for your bariatric surgery, there are some steps that you can do to fully prepare yourself for your weight loss surgery. Some of the things that you can do to get ready is to avoid drinking beverages that contain caffeine at least one month before your surgery. You can also have an exercise routine in place that you can do everyday to help maintain your weight. You can also opt to lessen your calorie intake as provided for by your doctor to maintain your weight goal. For more information about weight loss procedures, consult with the experts at The Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles.

Life After Bariatric Surgery

Forming a habit is something that you have to do to maintain the weight that you have lost after your bariatric surgery. Note that you can gain all the weight back if you do not supplement your weight loss surgery with maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle after surgery. Lifestyle changes may be done to ensure that you are able to keep the weight from coming back. Your weight loss surgery may be all for nothing if you do not take the necessary steps to ensure that you can be as fit and as healthy as you can be. A proper, balanced diet, good sleep, and exercise are some of the ways that you can ensure that you can live your life to the fullest. Know more about bariatric surgery by visiting The Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles website for more information.

Weight Loss Surgery Center Of Los Angeles: Your Go-To Weight Loss Center For Comprehensive Medical And Surgical Weight Loss Solutions

At the Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles, you are provided with quality treatments, procedures, and services for your weight loss needs. The Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles aims to give you a wide variety of surgical, minimally invasive, and medical endoscopic weight loss procedures with a highly successful outcome. The Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles offers a number of weight loss treatment options such as gastric sleeve, Lap Band, gastric bypass, gastric pacemaker, and other bariatric surgery options. The possibilities are endless with the Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles! To learn more about the different treatment options being offered, head over to their website for more information. Give them a call or send them an email through the contact information indicated in their website. You may also reach them through the chat button on their website for inquiries. Your weight loss journey starts here, with the Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles!

Posted on behalf of Dr. David G. Davtyan MD, FACS, FICS

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