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How Do I Get Approved for The Gastric Sleeve Procedure?

After you’ve consulted with an experienced bariatric surgeon, and together decided that a gastric sleeve procedure is the best option for you, you’re probably wondering what the next steps are to make sure your procedure is covered by your insurance plan. Here we’ll discuss how to find out if you are covered, guidelines insurance companies use to determine eligibility, and offer the helpful […]

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Is Bariatric Surgery Right For You?

If an improved diet and exercise plan isn’t enough and you’re still struggling to lose weight and get your life back on track, you may be thinking about bariatric surgery. Though bariatric surgery is a catch-all term for any surgical weight-loss procedures that help your body shed those unwanted pounds once and for all, it […]

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Global Epidemic: Obesity Isn’t Just America’s Problem

While the rest of the world may have slightly differing ideas of the stereotypical American, one thing is consistent – in each of them we are overweight. With our huge portion sizes and prevalence of fast food restaurants on practically every corner, it’s no wonder we have a huge obesity problem, but what’s not discussed […]

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Gastric Balloon in Los Angeles: Pros and Cons

Do you wish you could lose weight for an upcoming event or a wedding, or after your pregnancy and reclaim your slim, youthful body? Whatever your reason for wanting to lose weight, let’s consider how gastric balloons can help you meet your weight loss goal. Some of the frequently used gastric balloons include the Orbera balloon and […]

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As the Weight Comes Off: What to Expect After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

After you get your gastric sleeve surgery date, and your surgeon has thoroughly explained how to prepare yourself, you may be wondering what to expect afterward.  You’re probably excited and may find yourself dreaming about how you’re going to look and feel a few months, or even a year from now. Now’s the time to take a […]

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