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5 Things You Must Know About Gastric Sleeve Surgery

There are different ways of losing weight – diet plans and exercise regimes. However, in some cases, surgery might be the only resort to reduce weight. If you are one of those considering weight loss surgery, you must be well aware of the gastric sleeve procedure which is also known as vertical sleeve gastrectomy which […]

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Sleep For Weight Loss!

There’s no secret that not getting enough sleep can impact your weight loss goals. There are a few scientific and biological mechanisms that explain why the less sleep you get, the more weight you gain. Hunger Hormones for Weight Loss? Hunger is controlled by two hormones leptin and ghrelin. These two hormones are known to […]

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Robotic Approach Falls Short For Gastric Sleeve

According to Dr. Davtyan and The Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles, a recent study reviewed 86,953 surgical cases of Sleeve Gastrectomy, commonly referred to as Gastric Sleeve, performed either laparoscopically or by robotic surgery for weight loss. The study showed that gastric sleeve surgeries performed by laparoscopy had better outcomes and were safer […]

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Why is it Important to Find the Best Weight Loss Surgeon in Los Angeles?

If you’ve been considering weight loss surgery in the Los Angeles area, you may not be sure where to start. After all, with all the surgical centers in the area that claim to have expertise with weight loss surgery, it can be difficult to tell the best weight loss surgeon from the less skilled or […]

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Orbera Gastric Balloon for Nonsurgical Weight Loss

Apollo Endosurgery, Inc., the maker of the Orbera gastric balloon, made headlines last month when it announced the results of the first U.S. clinical study post-FDA approval for the ORBERA managed weight loss system. ORBERA is a reversible, non-surgical, endoscopic, gastric weight loss balloon procedure that works by helping you feel full on a restricted-calorie […]

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